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Los Angeles Lakers fire head coach Byron Scott

NBA: Byron Scott

After two years in Los Angeles, Byron Scott is out as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers decided against exercising a team option to have Scott coach the team in 2016-2017.

Scott was 38-126 in the past two years with Los Angeles and 17-65 this past season.

While Scott’s record was abysmal, the cards he was dealt were far from ideal. Scott had a terrible team in 2014-2015 and had to deal with a year-long Kobe farewell tour in 2015-


With Kobe’s farewell tour and a 2016 lottery pick being the main goals for the Lakers this season, wins were not necessarily important for Scott. Cultivating a good basketball environment and developing young talent was important for Scott however. Scott’s old-school and often outdated mentality led to a stint in the growth of young players like D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle.

The Lakers will look to move in a new direction, with a coach who will bring a new culture of winning and who is capable of interacting with young players and embracing the ever-changing NBA landscape.

Los Angeles is a prime coaching position with a huge market, great location and solid core of young talent that can be developed into a contending team.

Luke Walton appears to be the Lakers biggest target for head coach as the franchise moves forwards.

By Erik Drost (Flickr: Byron Scott) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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