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Los Angeles Rams Offseason Team Needs

The feel of winter and the callous task of mending various offseason team needs, and or desires blanket the lonely football fans who have to wait another 204 days for some NFL football. Building up to the draft in April, we will be here giving our opinions on what your team needs to fix up this offseason.

When a team is fresh off of a losing season, you can expect a couple of quite changes. Perhaps, a new hire here or there depending on how long the losing has been happening.  You can also expect team writers giving a theoretical explanation into their opinion of what team off-season needs need to be addressed, which is what I’ll be doing.

However, when a team’s losing season wreaks to the stench of 4-12, with no gradual improvement from the number one overall selected player in the previous draft, that typically calls for a complete overhaul. And or a face-lift for the organization. You can most times expect to see a new coach, or coaches, as is the case with the Los Angeles Rams.

Help Goff

They’ve added a new head coach, new defensive coordinator, and a new offensive coordinator, whose job it will be to give Los Angeles a winning football team. The first step in doing so includes healing open gash wounds, on both sides of the ball.

There are multiple personnel needs that the Rams will have to confront this off-season, however, this is in my opinion, one of the most important teams need heading into the off-season for Los Angeles.

The immediate plan of action for first-year head coach Sean McVay should be to massage and boost the ego of his golden boy first overall pick quarterback. In doing so, the Rams will be looking at selecting a receiver with their first pick in this year’s NFL draft. That first pick comes at the beginning of the second round. As a result to the mega-trade last off-season when the Rams acquired the rights to draft California’s, Jared Goff.

Draft Options for the Rams

There are few who believe that acquiring a young pass rusher for Wade Phillips or drafting a young stud offensive linemen should be at the top of the list of offseason team needs for the Rams. However, I believe if you really want to further the development of Jared Goff, you draft him a play-maker. - Customized NFL Gear

Many mocks I have seen have the Rams going with Ohio State wide receiver Curtis Samuel. I love Samuel the prospect, and firmly believe he fits the mold to have a long successful career in today’s game. However, he is not what the Rams need. I see adding Samuel as adding another version of Tayvon Austin. A quick speedy play-maker, that will be limited in his routes and never truly become a reliable possession guy. It’s always good to have a guy like this in your arsenal. But you don’t want our offensive scheme to be focused on “scat” backs.

Juju Stays in So-Cal

The Rams should select USC‘s Juju Smith-Schuster with their 37th pick, if available. You can never correctly guess the landing spots for a lot of prospects after the projected top 5 picks. But according to multiple scouts and reports, Schuster has seen his stock fall substantially since the end of the 2016 season. Where Schuster was at one point going into the season a Heisman candidate.

Juju’s 2015 season made him a college football household name. Watching Schuster this season you were again able to see a window of how productive he can be. Receptions and yards gained were substantially down this season compared to that of 2015. You can credit that to a number of quarterback changes the Trojans of USC made this past season.

Most criticism about Schuster is in regard to his perceived lack of speed. The inability to create separation at the next level has destined Schuster to be a projected second round pick.

Why Schuster Will Provide Immediately

In spite of that, he is a 6’2 receiver,  who runs a decent 40 time at 4.5 seconds, as of his junior season. His run after the catch ability is what is intriguing general managers. He has been labeled a natural pass catcher by scouts, he can actually catch the ball consistently, a new benefit to receivers nowadays. The Rams would be getting a natural route runner, whom Goff will be able to build with.

Goff needs a true number one target, Schuster can fill that void. The Rams add depth to a position that is at the top of their offseason team needs in my opinion.  And continue to build on the foundation of youth with Todd Gurley, Tayvon Austin, and Jared Goff. Juju stays in So Cal.

Building on the already established foundation of youth with Todd Gurley, Tayvon Austin, and Jared Goff, the Rams help shape their offensive foundation. Juju stays in So Cal.