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Love Being Out Six Weeks Isn’t The End Of The World

love Keith Allison via


Kevin Love will not be missing meaningful games.  Relax, Cavs fans.

It was announced Tuesday that Kevin Love, forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers, will miss the next six weeks to recover from knee surgery.  The team announced that Love had surgery to remove a “loose body” from his knee.  The surgery was performed by Dr. David Altchek in New York.

LeBron reacted predictably, saying before Tuesday’s shoot around prior to the Cav’s game vs. the Minnesota Timberwolves, that the news, well, “Sucks.”  He’s not wrong.  It’s never good when an All-Star who averages 20 and 11 is out for an extended period.

But, fear not, Cavs fans.  No matter what you think, or what certain radio hosts would infer, this is not the end of the world.  In fact, one could argue that the timing of this injury couldn’t be any better.  It’s February 14th.  Six weeks from now, the playoffs will be on the horizon.  And, hopefully, Love will be back in action and ready to lead the Cavs to a second straight NBA title.

Championships are not won, or lost, in February, March or April.  It is not like the Cavs are struggling to secure a playoff spot.  The are currently the number one seed in the East, and could, mathematically, probably lose 90% of their remaining games and still make the playoffs coming out of the East.

When Love returns, he will have eight to ten games left in the regular season to shake the rust off his game.  And, don’t forget, the Cavs are only about three weeks away from the return of J.R. Smith.  So, as long as the injury bug stays out of the locker room, the Cavs are in a great position to compete for title number two.

Yes, I am looking at the bright side, the silver lining of this cloud.  For, I remember two years ago, when Love was injured in the playoffs, causing him to miss the Finals.  Which, of course, led to a Golden State championship.  And, I would rather have a full, healthy squad come May and June, than March and April.