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Manny Machado Suspended 4 Games, Ventura Suspended 9 Games

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Machado Suspended 4 Games, Ventura 9 Games For Brawl

The MLB has announced that Orioles infielder Manny Machado will be suspended 4 games and Kansas City pitcher Yordano Ventura will be suspended 9 games. This comes after the two where involved in a fight after Ventura plucked Machado.

Machado was hit with a fastball and quickly charged the mound.

Both of the players where both fined but those details have not been released.

Ventura received a 7 game suspension last year after an altercation with the White Sox. The players are appealing the penalties but it looks as though they will be upheld.

Machado was also suspended in 2014 after throwing his bat toward third base following a bad pitch. His suspension was 5 games; the suspension was upheld after an appeal.

The bad blood between these two started earlier in the game when Ventura threw two fastballs close to Machado. After he flied out, Machado had words with Ventura and his next at-bat he was hit.

If the suspensions are upheld, these two all-star caliber players will be missed by their teams.