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Marc Bartra Could Join Liverpool This Summer

La Liga

Barcelona, Spain -Catalan centerback Marc Bartra is being eyed by English Premier League club Liverpool, in what would he a cheap transfer move this summer.

For several seasons now, Catalan defender Bartra has been waiting for his opportunity to jump on to the center stage and take part of Barcelona’s greatest moments. However, things have not gone as he had thought. Bartra joined La Masia at age 11 and has since been with the club. Like many others before him, he has gone up the ranks in hopes to finally reach the mountain top, being a starter for the club that he has given half his life to. It hasn’t been easy, and many would say he just hasn’t been given the right opportunity to shine and demonstrate what he is capable of doing.

In reality, Barcelona defenders aren’t getting younger in that position, but is not in dire need of defenders. The inactivity that he has encounter since joining the first squad has been greatly, to the point that this season, Bartra could leave the club at a maximum cost of $10 million, versus the $50 million the club could have earned should he had played at minimum of 30% of the games this year.

But it isn’t all about the money, right? We have seen this happen before to Barcelona with the sell of Thiago Alcantara to Bayern Munich for just $25 million. But quite honestly, Barcelona tends to get these calls right. Andreu Fontas, Marc Muniesa and Sergi Gomez were let go from similar situations in the past, and none have gone on to become world-beaters. Bartra was supposed to be the best of the bunch, but unless something dramatic changes he will still have to seek his fortune elsewhere.

Liverpool has been said to have already started a move for the defender, however, many in the English media are also hinting that former Barcelona boss and new Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola would also be interested in taking up the services of Bartra.

What is true is that Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp brings exceptional defensive background which can benefit Bartra and could probably out-shine all the others that have left the Catalan club previously.

Photo credit to Francisco Javier Fernandez via Flickr