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Marshawn Lynch: A Return to the Raiders

marshawn lynch to the Raiders faza_elh via flickr


Marshawn Lynch to the Raiders?

Beastmode Round 2?

This offseason has been full of rumors surrounding dynamic backs of both past and present. With Latavius Murray heading to Minnesota, the Raiders do have room on the depth chart for a big signing. Marshawn Lynch‘s name has been surrounded by rumors to return to the NFL, and nearly exclusively, his hometown Oakland Raiders.


The Seattle Seahawks still own the rights to Marshawn Lynch as a player. Unfortunately for him, Seattle will need to release him before he can sign elsewhere. Lynch’s contract with Seattle remains in tact. The Seahawks and Lynch came to terms on a three year deal prior to his retirement. It was following that first offseason that Beastmode would walk away from the game.

In the meantime, the Seahawks know there is still a market for Lynch. While the price of running backs has gone down, high caliber running backs are a premium in the NFL. Seattle is not likely to get Lynch to return to the NFC West, but would prefer not to release Beastmode to the market. Considering that the Raiders have shown interest in Lynch, Seattle would prefer a return on their investment. That being said, Seattle could not withstand the salary cap hit if Lynch were to return to the Seahawks.

What Marshawn Lynch Brings to the Table

Marshawn Lynch is quite the conundrum for NFL teams, scouts and the Raiders especially. On one hand, Lynch has been one of the most dangerous running backs to bless the NFL in recent memory. On the other, he has been out of the game for nearly two years and has reached the 30 year old threshold. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, unknown factors make it difficult to set a price for the retiree. However, the Raiders may provide the Seahawks with a few late round draft picks that. These picks are important, giving the Hawks a chance to fill out their roster with dwindling salary cap space.

Missing the Game

At any rate, Lynch has finally showed some remorse for walking away from the game. ESPN NFL Insider, Adam Caplan has reported that Lynch wants to return to the NFL. Caplan even went as far as to say that it has always been Lynch’s dream to play for the Raiders and he wants to play this year. For this reason, many rumors have surfaced of Lynch asking Seattle to release him of his contract. However, there is no evidence to support such a claim yet, though the Raiders likely salivated at the at the idea of  the former stalwart heading up their backfield. The Raiders may offer a draft pick for the rights to Lynch; ultimately, the Oakland Raiders will need a bit of luck in hopes of obtaining the rights to the former Superbowl Champion and Skittle-lover: Beastmode.