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Matt Davidson and The Three Garcia’s Lead The White Sox To A Win

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The Three Garcia’s Make History

On Friday night the Chicago White Sox beat the Minnesota Twins by a score of 2-1. This game had many important factors other than the White Sox moving to a record of 5-4. The White Sox achieved a historic feat on April 14th by starting three Garcia’s in the outfield. Willy Garcia was in left, Leury Garcia patrolling center and Avisail Garcia in right.

The Gracia’s put up some solid numbers in the clash with the Twins.  Avisail Garcia went 2-4 with 2 singles, Willy Garcia made his White Sox debut and went 1-4 with a double, while Leury Garcia went 1-2 with a walk in the victory.

Having all three Garcia’s starting made history by being the first time 3 players with the same last name started in the same ball game. Aside from their impressive nights at the plate, Leury Garcia made an impressive play in center field.

Due to the heavy rain earlier in the ballgame the grass was still quite slick. In the 6th inning, a ball was hit out to center by Jason Castro and Leury chased the ball back and slipped, but managed to control his slide and bring in the ball to end the inning and keep the game tied at 1.

Matt Davidson’s Big Game

Although, the most important play of the night came from third baseman Matt Davidson. Leading off the top of the seventh inning with a 2-2 count Matt Davidson absolutely crushed a ball over the right field wall which gave the Sox a 2-1 lead. The ball definitely had a lot of power behind it as it bounced off the facade of the upper deck.

This home run is just the icing on the cake for his 2017 season so far. Of Davidson’s 8 hits this season, 5 of them have been for extra bases. ( 3 HR’s, 1 3B, and 1 2B) Davidson’s batting line so far is fantastic (.364 AVG/.391 OBP/.909 SLG). Although it is a small sample size Matt is clearly taking advantage of his opportunities so far.

This eventually led to David Robertson coming in to close things out in the bottom of the ninth for a 2-1 victory, but what does this game mean for the future?

The Future

With Todd Fraizer’s early season struggles some Sox fans are already on the case for Davidson to be the starting third baseman, but what if Frazier turns things around? That could provide a good opportunity for the Sox at the trade deadline, provided Davidson stays healthy and continues to get it done on the field.

Getting another prospect for Frazier at the deadline would help the rebuild effort. That would all depend o if Frazier can turn things around however. If Frazier’s struggles continue throughout the season then White Sox will have to bite bullet on his contract this season.

Before any conclusions can be drawn on Leury and Willy Garcia’s future we need to see more games. If they can keep up the impressive work, they may find themselves as everyday starters in the future. Of course, Avisail Garcia is having a remarkable season so far, as he leads the AL in hitting. Whether he can keep it up will remain to be seen.