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Matt Moore Narrowly Misses No-No

Matt Moore Sean Go/ via Flickr



Matt Moore just missed a No-hitter


On Thursday night the San Francisco Giants were on the verge of being swept by their Division Rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers.  They were also facing the realization that at the end of the night they could be 4 games back of the Dodgers after holding an 8 game lead at the All-star break.  The entire Giants team had fallen into a slump and needed a way to get out of it. Enter recently acquired, Left handed pitcher, Matt Moore.  Since joining the Giants at the trade-deadline Moore had been anything but helpful to the team, allowing 12 earned runs in 23 innings and walking 17 batters.  The idea that he would be just the answer the Giants would need seemed to be a little far-fetched.

Moore would make it clear to the Dodgers in his first time facing them, that he was that answer, and the Giants are not dead yet.  Moore would deliver a very skillful night of pitching and come as close to throwing a no-hitter as any pitcher can.  With 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th inning and already at a career high in pitches, Moore would finally yield to the Dodgers one measly hit from Corey Seager.  Seager would step to the plate and manage to fight off an inside pitch with a blooper to right field, which was fitting since it was Corey Seager bobble-head night.  Bruce Bochy finally would exit the dugout and remove Moore after the hit and after reaching his career high pitch count of 133 pitches.


“He was excited to have a chance at it. He was very grateful and said, ‘thanks, I appreciate you giving me a chance,’ ” Giants manager Bruce Bochy said. “He didn’t show any signs of frustration or disappointing end to give up a hit there. He pitched his heart out.”

“(Moore) had everything working tonight,” Bochy said. “He saved us from getting swept. It was the biggest game all year.”


Moore is just the 6th pitcher since 2013 to fall one out short of a no-hitter (Moore, Carrasco, Miller, Wacha, Petit, Darvish).  If Matt Moore didn’t feel like a Giant before tonight’s game, he sure does now.  Going into tonight’s game the Giants were 11-25 since the All-Star break and looked like a team that had peaked too early.  Now the Giants find themselves in a little more familiar territory going into the final weeks of the season.  They look like the 1993 Giants who lost a 10-game lead, or the 2014 Giants that lost their 10-game lead in less than a month.  Maybe they have found the magic of that 2014 team that battled back and won the World Series.  Maybe that magic was conjured up by the most unlikely of Giant Pitchers, Matt Moore.

So what’s next for the newly revived San Francisco Giants?  The Giants will head back home to face the 47-81 Atlanta Braves in a 7:15 pm game with Jeff Samardzija set to take the mound, while the Dodgers begin a 3 game set at home versus the 81-45 Chicago Cubs.  This may have been just what the Giants needed to kick-start their season and propel them back to another World Series championship.