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Mets: Life Without Yoenis Cespedes

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The Mets could be looking for a replacement for Yoenis Cespedes this offseason

After the New York Mets made the trade for Cuban Slugger Yoenis Cespedes in 2015, he has a staggering .282 batting average. For a guy who hasn’t hit over .270 since his debut season (.292), these last two years have been just what the doctor ordered for Cespedes.

In between seasons, Cespedes gave Mets fans a scare by opting out of his contract. Though he returned, he’s forcing fans to endure the same torture as last year. Only this time, it is more likely he won’t return.

Yeah there’s a possibility he’ll stay when the Mets front office is working hard to bring him back to the Met faithful, but, just for the sake of a backup plan, let’s pretend he signs elsewhere. Where does that leave the Mets? Out in the cold compared to the up and coming NL East?

Heck no. There are a bunch of moves the Mets can pull off if they don’t get Cespedes.


Dexter Fowler

World Champion Dexter Fowler for a lead-off man, hit an okay.273, but put up a fantastic .393 on-base percentage. That kind of production out of the lead-off spot would pay dividends for the Mets.

Though there is a possibility Fowler may want to return to his World Series team, the right moves plus the right price may convince Fowler the next World Series team plays in Queens.

If the Mets were to sign Fowler, it would push Jay Bruce to left field and move Curtis Granderson to right to make way for Fowler in center. There is a possibility Fowler could play left, but he may want to stay in his natural position in center.


Ian Desmond

After making the switch from the infield to outfield last year with the Texas Rangers, Ian Desmond shined.

As an infielder in 2014, Desmond hit a disappointing .233 with a horrendous .290 on-base percentage and a slugging percentage of .384.

After the switch to accommodate the Rangers’ needs, Desmond’s batting line spiked to.285/.335/.446.

If the Mets are interested in signing Desmond, they must reach out to him quickly before he gets offered a big contract (one he deserves) and the Mets miss out.

Though Desmond won’t fill the role of lead-off hitter, something the Mets may potentially need, his ability to get on base will help in a pitching-dominated National League East.


Mark Trumbo

MLB Home Run leader Mark Trumbo is a free agent. His powerful season gives him that boost to earn the title of “Best hitter in the free agency.” What team wouldn’t want the guy who hit the most dingers last year?

Though Trumbo will be actively pursed this winter, that kind of power is hard to pass up.

If the Mets were to land the 30-year-old (31 in January), it would mean more shifting in the outfield. Bruce to left as Trumbo will take over the territory in right.

Like I said, it is unlikely the Mets sign, or even pursue Trumbo, but if they were to land him, the power numbers for a team that already hits a large number of home runs would spike significantly. If Trumbo can hit 47 home runs in the American League, God knows what he would do in the National League.



There is always one wild card in the off-season that people seem to forget; the possibility of a trade. If the Mets don’t like what they see available in free agency, trading to get that piece to fill Cespedes’s shoes could be an option.

Rumors spread last week suggested the Detroit Tigers are open to just about any trade. That includes underrated right-fielder J.D. Martinez.

I’m not sure if the Tigers are actually willing to give up such an important piece of their lineup, or are just saying this as a bluff to see what offers they get, but it wouldn’t hurt to see what they want for Martinez

Again, the outfield will have to shift; Bruce to left for Martinez in right.

There’s also a possibility, but less likely, of Tampa Bay Rays center fielder Kevin Kiermaier.

Yeah it’d be pretty stupid for the Rays to give up their Gold Glove center fielder, but if the Mets are in an ‘all in’ state, giving up half of their farm system should pay off as the Mets would acquire, as previously mentioned, a gold glove center fielder.

Not only does Kiermaier bring great defense to a team, he also has arguably the best arm in baseball, but only produces so-so offensive numbers.

Last year, Kiermaier hit below .246, but he had a decent .331 on-base percentage and an okay .410 slugging percentage.



There are numerous possibilities the Mets can pursue if they can’t get fan-favorite Yoenis Cespedes back. It’s not like their hopes and dreams won’t come true without this guy. Remember, they still have probably the best rotation in baseball. If their bullpen holds up, replacing a bat like Cespedes won’t prove to be as big of an issue as one might think.