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Let’s go METS, METS, MEDIC!!

Coming off of their 2015 World Series run the Mets were looking to get there again.  You can’t really blame them when you look at their roster and their young returning pitching staff.  We all know that when it comes to sports, so much depends on the health of the players.

No one knows it better than the Mets.

On Wednesday the onslaught of injuries continued to pile on the New York Mets.  As of now more than half of their opening day roster has suffered injuries.  In the 6th inning of last night game Yoenis Cespedes was replaced because of “Left Wrist discomfort.”  He was examined and will rejoin the team in Atlanta on Thursday.  This give manager Terry Collins some concern.

“I’m certainly concerned about it. Anytime, when you’re a hitter and a big hitter and your hands and your wrists have problems, it’s a concern.”


Noah Syndergaard

Noah Syndergaard, the Mets’ 23-year-old Ace, left the game after six innings because of discomfort in his right elbow.  This is the second time this season and the fourth time in two seasons that Syndergaard has complained of elbow issues.  He received an MRI a month ago and is scheduled to meet with the team doctor to decide if there is any damage.

Other injuries

Earlier in the season the Mets lost 3rd baseman David Wright. Wright underwent surgery for a herniated disk in his neck last week that likely ended his season. Lucas Duda, their first baseman, is on the disabled list with a stress fracture in his lower back. Center fielder Juan Lagares and reliever Jim Henderson, both went on the DL in the last week and they are also key to the Mets success.  Bartolo Colon is scheduled to return to the team on Sunday.  The Mets become concerned when Colon took a line drive off his thumb, but x-rays were negative.


Piling it on

It seems as of late that no one is safe from injury on this Mets roster and Terry Collins doesn’t seem like a man who wants to talk about it.   You can only imagine that Collins is a bit frustrated as he continues to see the team hit with injuries.  He decided to take his frustration out on PR director, Jay HorwitzHorwitz had urged Collins to address Noah Syndergaard’s status.  Collins responded with this by saying this:

The puppy dog wants you guys to know that Noah Syndergaard’s seeing the doctor,” Collins said. “His elbow flared up on him. That’s why I took him out of the game.”

Collins would then do his best drop the mic impersonation and quickly exit the post game interview.

Frustrations building

With everything the Mets have gone thru this year it is clear that it is starting to affect their manager.  Mets fans are already reeling from watching their team suffer so much.  The last thing this team needs is a manager that is losing his cool.