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The 2017 Miami Dolphins Team Needs Start With The Offense

The 2016 Miami Dolphins showed some potential as they earned a 10-6 record and a playoff spot. Unfortunately, Miami was forced to finish the season with their staring quarterback, Ryan Tannehill on the sidelines with an injury. Matt Moore led the Dolphins into Pittsburgh for their lone playoff game of the season. The Dolphins team needs mostly revolve around the offense, but they can use some help on the the other side as well.

Miami needs to address a few positions on offense, starting with the offensive line. Tannehill was sacked 29 times in 13 games this past season. That’s over two sacks per game. If they can find someone in the draft or through free agency, that would be a great start. Tannehill was unable to finish the season due to injury. They need to focus on keeping him upright and protected so he can find his weapons down field.

The Dolphins team needs include a big play making tight end or possibly a receiver. Jarvis Landry, Kenny Stills, and DeVante Parker are very talented and viable options. They simply aren’t very consistent and Tannehill needs a consistent go-to-guy in the passing game. He needs a big bodied tight end to convert distance downs. The dolphins had virtually no tight end threat in 2016. They must address this position in the draft.

The Dolphins currently do not have a third round pick, so the first and second rounds are going to be extra important this year. They pick at 22 and 44 overall in the first two rounds. With one of these two picks, they must select an offensive lineman. If they can find a reliable guy up front, they can focus elsewhere in the draft. Adding a big weapon and some secondary or linebacker help would do wonders for this team. - Customized NFL Gear

Here are a few guys they should target in the first round of the draft.

O.J. Howard – TE Alabama

You want to talk about a pure play maker, O.J. Howard is the guy. At 6’6″ and 250 pounds, he his a monster at the tight end position. He would be the guy Tannehill would look for on third and longs and especially in the redzone. Combining Howard with Landry, Stills, and Parker would be a very lethal passing attack. Miami should give this guy a close look in the draft.

Greg Pyke – OG Gorgia

This guy would be a stud in improving the running game and pass protection. At 6’6″ and 325 pounds he would be the anchor up front. The Dolphins found success with their young running back, Jay Ajayi. So I would assume they would want to continue that success by bolstering the offensive line and also to help protect Tannehill.

Roderick Johnson – OT Florida State

Another attempt to build up the offensive line would be to select this athletic lineman. Johnson has great size as well at 6’7″ and 311 pounds, he would be a wall up front. Once again, addressing the offensive line with a player like this would greatly help Tannehill and Ajayi. This guy is big and athletic and he’s just what they need up front.

Jarrad Davis – LB Florida

The Dolphins need some help on defense as well, but not on the defensive line. They need a smart and athletic play maker commanding the defense. Jarrad Davis is outstanding at the linebacker position. He has a great ability to dissect a play and stay one step ahead. He would improve this defense tremendously.

Miami is just a few pieces away from being an actual contender. If they can address these few needs, they might be able to make some big noise in the 2017 season.