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Michael Brantley’s Season Is Officially Over

Michael Brantley Keith Allison - Via - Flickr


Michael Brantley

The Cleveland Indians’ left fielder, Michael Brantley, had only 39 at bats this season and now his season has come to an end.  Brantley will receive season ending surgery on his right shoulder.  His official diagnosis is chronic bicep tendonitis, Michael Brantley originally hurt his shoulder after a diving play against the Minnesota Twins in 2015.

Taking a look at Michael Brantley’s timeline since the first injury last September. The Cleveland Indians had wondered when they were going to see Brantley back in the field as earlier in the season he had played on Triple A Columbus and then a short 11 game stint with Cleveland before being sidelined again with shoulder fatigue. Then on August 8th Dr. Stephen O’Brien diagnosed Brantley with chronic bicep tendonitis and now a season ending shoulder surgery is required.

Brantley is expected to have surgery on Monday in Dallas according to manager Terry Francona. Francona also stated that more reports will be released after the surgery’s conclusion.

In the 11 games that Michael Brantley did play with the tribe he produced a .231 batting average with 7 RBIs and no home runs. Cleveland was obviously hoping to see Brantley back with the team as Cleveland eyes a playoff run with the hopes that he would return to his old self.  Brantley has normally been a great hitter;  in 2014 and 2015 his batting average was over .300.

When asked about how Brantley’s early exit effects the season manager Terry Francona responded:


“[The front-office guys are] always keeping their eyes open, “But, we’ve basically played without him this year, so we’ll just keep playing. That’s what we always do.”


Brantley had been looked at by 5 different doctors throughout the recovery period. He had received multiple injections and on July 22nd had received surgery to break up scar tissue in his shoulder. Now Brantley has gone from eyeing a 2016 opening day start to possibly starting opening day in 2017.

Terry Francona also commented on Brantley’s surgery commenting:


 “I guess I figure that all the work, it’ll pay off somewhere,” Francona said.  “I just think that he’ll come back and he’ll find a way to be as good as ever. I firmly believe that, because I believe in him. I get a front-row seat to see how hard he works and things like that. I just think he’ll find a way to come back and be just as good as he ever has been.”