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Midweek Madness Recap 6/1/16

TSJ101 Sports Radio

On Wednesday night, Midweek Madness premiered on TSJ Sports Radio and Hosted by newcomers Todd Eckman and Rob Langi, the show started off with a bang as the fellas touched on a lot of topics, focusing heavily on the recently finished Western Conference Finals, the soon to begin NBA Finals, and the upcoming NBA Draft.

Also on the docket Wednesday, was an interview with Craig House, a TSJ101 staff writer who recently did an interview with Ted Bishop, former President of the PGA of America. Ted was planning on being on Midweek Madness, but unfortunate flight issues caused him to have to reschedule for hopefully next week.

Some highlights from the inaugural show was Todd and Rob bringing in former co-host from back in college, Darnay Tripp to talk a little 76ers and their moves leading up to the draft. As Darnay mentioned, just like old times Rob took the side opposite Todd and Darnay which brought back great memories for the trio.

Rob is in full belief that the 76ers should draft Ben Simmons #1 overall and not even THINK about trading Jahlil Okafor. Todd believes Okafor may have already “overstayed his welcome” and the Sixers should, “Strike while the iron is hot,” and ship him out if the right deal presents itself.

As far as the NBA Finals are concerned, both Rob and Todd are on the Cavaliers bandwagon, picking them to win the series in 6 and 7 games respectively. However, the hosts differ on the effect Andre Iguodala will have on Lebron James, as Rob says “If being shut down last year means averaging 35.8 points a game, I’d love to be shut down.”

In the interview with Craig House, House discussed his interview with Ted Bishop, who was impeached after a short stint as President of the PGA of America, due to a controversial tweet referring to Ian Poulter as a “little girl.” Bishop has a book debuting next week entitled “Unfriended” which describes his take on the event as well as his journey through a life around golf.

Lastly, the boys premiered their segment called “Buzzer Beaters” where one of those hosts will run off random questions for three minutes, while the other host is forced to answer with the first thing that comes to their mind. The questions ranged from Rob’s favorite professional team, to his greatest life achievement, and what super power he most wants to have.

The boys will be back next week with more fun and MADNESS from 7-9 on Wednesday night!


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