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Midweek Madness Recap 6/29


Do you think it’s about time you embraced the Madness of Rob Langi and Todd Eckman? Well the boys had one heck of a show this past week, touching on a variety of things, including paying homage to two iconic coaches who passed away in Buddy Ryan and Pat Summit. The boys spoke about what the two meant not only to their respective sports, but to the people who knew them the best. Both coaches were revered by former players and opponents, not only for their work on the field and court, but what they did off of it as well. Both Rob and Todd had a special feeling for Buddy, as he coached their beloved Philadelphia Eagles in one of his two head coaching jobs.

Seeing as though the fellas are having to start many of their shows with sad news, they were joyful about moving on to the topic of the NBA. The boys recapped last weeks drafts and who they thought were Winners & Losers, including the likes of the 76ers, Celtics, Kings amongst others.

Once the boys finished their recap, it was on to a preview of the next stop on the NBA offseason: FREE AGENCY. The big question on everyones mind, including Todd and Rob, was where will Kevin Durant end up? Both guys differed on opinions they held just a few short weeks ago, and agreed on where they believe the prize of free agency will end up. To know where that is, you will have to listen to the podcast. After speaking about Durant the boys touched on a lot of the other big names and teams who are expected to be players in free agency, including Nick Batum, Harrison Barnes, the Oklahoma City Thunder, and of course the 76ers.

Before the infamous Buzzer Beaters segment, the boys welcomed their AFC South reporter, Dan Senecal to discuss the offseason moves of the Colts, Texans, Jaguars, and Titans. Senecal being an avid Colts fan was thrilled to see Andrew Luck get his contract and has high hopes for his team this season. All three men question Brock Osweiler and all that money the Texans paid him to be their franchise QB. They also all like Indy to take back over a division they once dominated.

In Buzzer Beaters, it was Rob’s turn on the clock and he was challenged. Todd asked a good series of questions, but put his co-host between a rock and a hard place when asking who he would take if he had first pick in this years Fantasy Football draft. Seeing as though the boys play in the same league, Langi refused to answer and give Eckman any secrets into what it takes to be a GREAT Fantasy Football Champion!

If you missed the show, check out the podcasts on iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, and Blog Talk Radio. As always, EMBRACE THE MADNESS!