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Midweek Madness Recap 7/27

Midweek Madness Recap

This weeks episode of Midweek Madness was a very special one for the Ministers of Madness. Former Olympian and Bronz Medal Winner Allison Baver joined Rob and Todd for an hour and a half as a third host and brought a lot of great stories, insight, and class to the show!

Before Allison came on, the fellas discussed a few of the many stories going on in the NFL. While discussing the possibility of a new contract between the New York Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick, a deal was struck with the QB, sending him back to New York for one year. The boys moved on to discuss the strange silence surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp. While both agreed, expectations are low, the guys seemed to differ a bit on Doug Pederson early on.

The boys finished their first segment with another installment of Whack Backer/Jack Backer. Todd was on the spot for the Jack Backer of the week and went with Eagle John Dorenbos, but about something having nothing to do with football. Rob took the Whack Backer seat and put in Marcus Vick after a video surfaced of him running from police last April, as well as another outrageous tweet from Vick, this time directed at LeSean McCoy.

At 7:30 Allison Baver called in and joined the Madness. In her first guest appearance on the show, Baver gave some incredible insight and some great stories from her Olympic experience, as well as discussing all of the issues surrounding the Summer Olympics in Rio. Some of the topics covered, were how she got into skating, what she would do if she was a summer Olympian, Rule 40, and a talk about the Doping issues. If we gave too much away here, you wouldn’t have to listen!

In Allison’s last segment on the show, the boys gave her the opportunity to dive into another love of hers, the NFL and Fantasy Football. Being a native of the Philadelphia area, Baver discussed her feelings toward former coach Chip Kelly, even saying that she has “Zero respect” for the man, something both Philly based hosts loved to hear.

Before leaving, Todd and Rob could not let Allison go off air without being placed on the hottest for Buzzer Beaters. The designer, model, and Olympian amongst many other talents handled the seat extremely well, having answers for all of the boys questions. You curious what a Medal winner in the Olympics would eat as her last meal? Go listen to the show at, iTunes, stitcher, Blog Talk Radio, and tunein!