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Mike Adamle Diagnosed With Dementia

Mike Adamle Rich Howe


Mike Adamle Diagnosed With Dementia

Former WWE Raw GM Mike Adamle recently revealed in an interview with NBC channel 5 in Chicago that he had been diagnosed with dementia. Adamle said that his doctor believes that along with the dementia, he is also suffering from CTE. He believes that the dementia, along  with his suffering from Epilepsy for the last 19 years, were due to his years playing football.


He went into the news and sports broadcasting field once his football career was finished, working as a news anchor and a sports broadcaster, even getting to host popular late 80s/early 90s sports contest American Gladiators.

He would eventually be hired by the WWE as an interviewer, first working on Raw as an interviewer, then getting into the commentator role for the WWE version of ECW. He became known for botching the names of talent, and it became a staple of Adamle’s during that part of his run. He was later named General Manager of Raw.

After his run with the WWE, he made his return to the commentator booth, calling play-by-play for the Chicago Rush of the Arena Football League.

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