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Mike Tomlin Continues To Solidify His Place Among Steelers Greats

mike tomlin steelers The Steelers News via flickr


In Mike Tomlin’s 10th season as the head coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers, he has a chance to do what Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher never did.

All season, there have been whispers that Mike Tomlin may be on the hot seat if the Pittsburgh Steelers don’t find a way to win the AFC North. With the Pittsburgh Steelers on their third head coach in 57 years, the chances that the Rooney family will part ways with Mike Tomlin this offseason is slim to none. The Steelers may not be having their greatest season in the Tomlin era, but numbers will show why he is nowhere near the hot seat.

In his 10th season as head coach, the Steelers have themselves in the driver’s seat in their race towards the playoffs. They can control their own destiny by winning their last five games, which would make them division champions for the fifth time under Mike Tomlin. Bill Cowher led the Steelers to five division titles in 15 seasons, while Chuck Noll led them to five division titles in 22 seasons. The playoff appearance would put Tomlin above both of his predecessors, as they all sit in a three way tie for first with six appearances.

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But the social media era that we live in wants everything right now. The media and the fans want the Super Bowl right now, they want success right now, and they want the team to look dominant in every performance. But the Steelers organization has shown that success over an extended period of time is far more important. As the Steelers continue to be a force in the AFC, Mike Tomlin knows that maintaining a level mind is key in maintaining a high level of success.

“I tend to attack the challenges that are right in front of me, the ones that I have today.”

Since his days in Tampa Bay as a secondary coach, Tomlin has always been a guy that can get the best out of players. Players have been quoted saying they would “run through a wall” after listening to him talk. He has proven over time that his style is not just here for now, yet here to stay. The fire that he coaches with on the sidelines lives through his players on the field. Ryan Clark, who was one of the Steelers‘ key players on their Super Bowl XLIII roster, made it very clear how he felt playing for Tomlin.

“Mike Tomlin is without a doubt one of the best most unique head coaches ever. I’d run through a wall for him. Great coach, better man!”

Mike Tomlin became the youngest head coach in NFL history to lead his team to a Super Bowl victory at just 36 years old when the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals in a game to remember. Tomlin currently sits on a list among the great as he holds the fourth best record in a head coach’s first nine seasons, trailing only George Seifert, Mike McCarthy, and John Madden.

Mike Tomlin currently sits at a regular season record of 98-57, with only the New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers ahead of his Pittsburgh Steelers since he became head coach. Tomlin also carries a 25-14 record against the NFC, which makes him second only to Bill Belichick in that time span. The Steelers hope to extend that record as they host the New York Giants this week in what could be the beginning of a great December run towards the playoffs.

Statistics and quotes referenced via Pittsburgh Steelers Media Guide.