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Minor League Players Receive Suspensions

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Minor League

Four Minor League Players Suspended For Failing Drug Tests

On Wednesday, it was announced by the Commissioner of Baseball that four minor league baseball players would be suspended. The suspensions come after all four failed drug tests for a performance enhancing substance.

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Angelo Almonte, New York Yankees pitcher Jean Peralta, and Chicago White Sox pitcher Joselo Pinales have all received 72-game suspensions for testing positive for metabolites of Stanozolol.

All three for these players are currently on the Dominican Summer League rosters for their respective organizations.

The last suspension were handed out to Baltimore Orioles minor league pitcher Wally Vrolijk who tested positive for Methylhexanamine and will be suspended for 50 games. Vrolijk is also on the Dominican Summer League roster for the Orioles.

These suspensions show that Major League Baseball is not only testing major leaguers for performance enhancing drugs but also is testing minor leaguers at the same rate.