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MLB backs Bill to limit Minor Leaguers pay

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Save America’s Pastime Act Aims To Keep Minor Leagues Pay Low

On Wednesday, a new piece of legislation was introduced to congress called Save America’s Pastime Act which will effect minor leaguers.

The bill’s major goal is to make sure that minor leaguers do not receive a pay increase. This topic has became a bigger and bigger issue over the last few years and months.

The MLB issued a statement that supported the bill saying, “being a Minor League Baseball player is not a career but a short-term seasonal apprenticeship….”. The statement also said that many Minor League teams cannot afford the pay of the players as it is and that the MLB must subsidize the teams in order for them to remain operating.

Since minor leaguers are exempt from the Fair Labor Standards Act, they do not get paid hourly. Many of the players are putting in 10 hour days which depending on their contract, means they are making less than minimum wage.

The MLB seems to be standing firm on their stance on the topic. They also seem to have the support where it matters to keep things like they are now.

The MLB side of the argument is that minor leaguers should be treated almost like interns who are learning a trade. Once the players master a trade, they will be rewarded with a call-up and a bigger paycheck.

In the coming months, it will be interesting to see how this topic works out, but let me first point out a few facts lost in all of this.

-There are 244 Minor League teams with 25 players on each.  That equals 6100 players.

-6100 x $50,000=$305,000,000

-That is 3.2% of the MLB’s 2015 revenue.

The average minor league baseball player makes around $1000 a month and that only covers the time they are playing.

This is not a “Save America’s Pastime Act” as it is called.  There may be a problem, but without a doubt it doesn’t seem like people think this Is the answer.