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MLB Top Prospect Luis Roberts Listed As A Free Agent.

Luis Roberts hrchia - via - flickr


Luis Roberts outfielder out of Cuba recently listed as a free agent. Being the MLB top prospect a lot of teams are trying to scoop him up. The Cardinals and the White Sox two of the teams most interested in acquiring Roberts. Both teams are in need of a young elite outfielder, the White Sox may need him more than the Cardinals. The Cardinals acquired Dexter Fowler in the offseason, and Randal Grichuck is a rising star with a lot of potential to flourish in the MLB, and Stephen Piscotty if he could stay healthy. The only White Sox outfielder worth mentioning is Melky Cabrera and that isn’t very eye popping itself.


Luis Roberts 

The 20 year old out of Cuba has show a lot of promise of being a elite outfielder in the MLB. Luis Roberts has a magnificent swing, and with his build could translate to 25+ homeruns a year. While also being able to hit for contact, being the type of guy that could hit .280 consistently. Any young star will have a high strike out rate is expected, look at Kris Bryant reigning N.L MVP lead his team in strikeouts in both of his first two seasons. So, even though he will strikeout a good amount he will be able to adapt to the MLB. When he signs to a major league club he won’t be brought up immediately. It would be best to start him in triple A or double A  to hep him adapt to the MLB.


Where will he sign?

Luis Roberts could most likely sign with the White Sox, I see them being desperate enough to offer him a contract Roberts wont turn down. It would make the most sense seeing that the White Sox don’t have much production in the outfield. So, signing Roberts could give the White Sox the boost they need to win their division.