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NASCAR Career For Brendan Gaughan Maybe Winding Down


In a interview last week week with Las Vegas Review-Journal, father of NASCAR driver Brendan Gaughan and owner of South Point Casino (Brendan’s sponsor) said that 2016 maybe his last season.

Michael Gaughan was asked if he is proud of what Brendan Gaughan, his youngest son who has turned 40, has accomplished on the racetrack. He nods his head. His way of saying, yes, he is very proud. Then he said this season probably is going to be it for Brendan.

Additionally, Last season was to have been it for Brendan Gaughan. But Childress talked him into letting Brendan make another season of left-hand turns. Michael Gaughan who writes the check that pays for the South Point logo on the hood of Brendan’s Chevy for a bunch of other stuff that goes into Brendan being competitive in NASCAR’s top support series. So it is likely the family business is influencing Brendan’s future at this juncture.