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NASCAR is Where Gutsy Kids Can Grow Up To Become Old Jerks


NASCAR is Where Gutsy Kids Can Grow Up To Become Old Jerks

Can. C-A-N. Not universal. It does happen.

“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” – Maya Angelou

Ben Rhodes now knows full well who Kyle Busch is. The talented driver who’s flat out dominating all 3 major NASCAR series this year, thanks to NASCAR’s constant rule changes. They’ve finally created a sport where not only does safety take precedence over speed and competitiveness, seasoned veterans that were good against the outgoing greats can take up the reigns with time tested tricks and more money.

Kyle had done well for himself in his career, without ever working with big bro, Kurt. Even if it meant first or second, he always took ninth rather than help his blood. And the experiences he gained over the years, staying in the limelight enabled him to amass enough connections to become well versed at every level, and continue to compete at every level.

As NASCAR’s commercials say, in the National Series, no one’s gonna know your name until you make them know it. Its where you prove your skill… or, where you just make a lot of money off of rubes while you’re not driving Cup or doing commercials for every company with the capital.

So when during lap 3 of today’s Camping World Truck Series race, Kyle moved from the high line to block the low line in turn 1 hopes of forcing Ben Rhodes to slow down so Kyle could jet forward out of turn 2 and lose em for good, Rhodes was having none of that. He knew his space, and wasn’t going to allow Kyle Busch to shove him down.

As a veteran, Busch genuinely expected to intimidate young Rhodes out of position. Other drivers may have been. In this little, 7 second moment, Kyle Busch showed himself to all the rookies. They should know now that he drives for one person: him. He will not be fair every time. He will flex muscle that others simply can’t afford yet, and as a result, won’t advance in their career to gain muscle.

Not everyone can do things like this and get knocked back and still win. Kyle did it.

Congratulations, Kyle Busch on winning the 2016 Alpha Energy Solution 250. May you forever elevate by standing on children’s backs.


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Photo by Dave Gansert, via Flickr.