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Why NASCAR Must Increase Minimum Speed.

Minimum Speed


NASCAR has a problem and it is something that needs to be looked at in the near future. This issue is that of the pace that cars must hit to maintain minimum speed. Many tracks you do not even notice truly how slow some of the lap cars in the field are. This is because most tracks in NASCAR have multiple grooves and have different options for the leaders to pass. So it doesn’t become much of an issue.

However, this past week at Texas Motor Speedway is an entirely different story. The newly repaved track had the competitors glued to one line on the racing surface or they would risk getting out of the groove and wrecking as a consequence. With this being the case you were able to see how quickly the lead lap cars were closing on the lap cars. If a leader caught a lap car in the wrong spot they could potentially lose over a second and a half off of their lap time.

One situation that stuck out was the incident between Ryan Blaney and Corey Lajoie. Ryan was attempting to lap Lajoie by going on his outside and Lajoie wiggled up off the bottom and almost wrecked the fastest car in the field and ultimately it cost him the win. This situation seems to stick out more than the others though. It is probably due to the fact that not only was Ryan closing so fast but Lajoie stayed in the racing groove and then got loose while the faster car was passing.

This is only worsened by a tweet that Lajoie made shortly after the race. Lajoie claimed he raced the majority of the race with his engine leaking oil all over his rear tires. NASCAR always preaches about safety and this seems like a serious issue to me. The fact a car can be leaking oil and still make minimum speed is dangerous. The speed at which the lap cars are going is so much greater, to begin with. Nevermind to the last place car with engine issues. NASCAR needs to take a long look at this incident and think about raising minimum speed.