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NASCAR Polices Body Work Repairs With New Policy


Repairing a car for points and positioning after crashes may have become a thing of the past.

NASCAR announced Wednesday morning at it’s Research & Development Center a new Damaged Vehicle Policy that will go into effect in all three of it’s national series (CUP, XFINITY, and Camping World Trucks) starting later this month at Daytona. Under the new policy, NASCAR will police repairs done after a crash more sternly.

Teams will no longer will be allowed to replace damaged body parts that are the result of accidents or contact. However, repairing of damaged sheet metal will be allowed under a 5 minute limit on pit road. If a team doesn’t finish it’s repairs after the five minutes are up, NASCAR will not permit re-entry into the race. Repairs requiring a car to go “behind the wall” will also result in a done day for a team.

Once repairs are made within the time limit on pit road, the car must maintain minimum speed determined for that event. Once that has been accomplished, the five-minute clock is reset in case the car needs to come back down pit road for additional work.

Under previous rules, teams were allowed to replace any damaged panels or parts with no time limit and no penalty. Quarter panels, splitters, hoods and deck lids damaged in accidents were often removed and replaced. Some repairs were completed on pit road; more extensive damage often meant a trip to the garage. Each time, the driver was sent back out onto the track as quickly as possible.

“We have a lot of cars that are going back on the track that end up in 38th position, for instance, that probably don’t need to be out there from a safety and competition aspect,” Scott Miller, NASCAR senior vice president of competition, told, “because they always tend to bring out more yellows with stuff falling off.”

Teams will however be allowed to repair any mechanical or electrical failures not resulting or effected by a crash without penalty. Such repairs may be done on pit road or in the garage area, and the five-minute clock will not be in play.