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National League Mid-Season Review

National League Chet West/via Flickr


Where does the N.L. stand?

With the 2016 MLB season already a third of the way thru we take a look around the National League and see just where does the N.L. stand at this point?

The best team in the National League is the Chicago Cubs.  The Cubs have blazed their way out to a 43-19 record and now lead the National League Central by 8.5 games over the St. Louis Cardinals.  The Cubs have outscored their opponents at a blistering pace of 2.6 runs per game and have stayed at the top of baseballs power rankings and may look to add to their bullpen before the trade deadline.

The Washington Nationals stand at 40-24 and lead the East division with their outstanding Pitching rotation and powerful hitting.  They look to be the team that could push the Cubs once the playoffs begin.

With the San Francisco Giants in their every other year World Series run they look like a team that could keep that going.  They are 39-26 in the West Division and may look to add more weapons before the trade deadline.

You can never count out the St. Louis Cardinals.  Although they trail in the Central Division by 8.5 games they have began to look like the Cardinals we would expect and seem like a team that is figuring it out.

Coming off of a World Series appearance in 2015 the New York Mets at (34-28) have battled injuries across their lineup.  With their solid pitching rotation and with a little better luck the Mets will continue to put pressure on the Eastern Division leading Nationals.

The LA Dodgers have struggled with consistency this year but still have managed a 33-32 record in the West Division.  Don’t count them out but they need to fix some problems if they want to catch the Giants.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have played up and down baseball and are sitting in 3rd in the Central Division with a 32-31 record.  They must get healthy if they plan to make a run at the Cubs.

With the loss of Dee Gordon to a PED suspension and a struggling batting order the Miami Marlins sit in the middle of the Eastern Division with a 33-31 record.

The Colorado Rockies sit at 30-33 and have shown flashes of Good and Bad play this far.  With injuries to their rotation and inconsistency they still have some work to do to compete in the Western Division.

The Milwaukee Brewers look like a team that could be selling this year.  With a 30-34 record and in a strong Central Division they could be looking to next year already.

The Philadelphia Phillies‘ came out blazing this year but have fallen back to earth with a record of 30-34.  The future looks good for them and they added to it with a strong MLB draft and #1 pick Mickey Moniak.

The Arizona Diamondbacks looked like a team built to win in 2016, but they are at 29-37 and have struggled with pitching most of the season. If they can fix their struggles they could be able to put pressure on the Western Division.

The San Diego Padres have been plagued with injuries to their rotation. They have a 26-39 record and hope that their strong draft can prepare them for upcoming seasons.

At 25-39 the Cincinnati Reds already look like a team building for the future.  They have traded away several players and may be looking to move more before the trade deadline.  They seem to be headed in the right direction.

The Atlanta Braves once a powerhouse in the league now are last in all of baseball at 18-45.  They have a lot of work to do to show their fans they are heading back to the top.

There is still a long season to go and no one knows what will happen with each of these teams, but it is sure to be interesting no matter what.