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NBA Dream Destinations: A Superstar’s Perfect Fit

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Which NBA superstars deserve to be playing for a winning team?

Anthony Davis is one of the most unique and talented players the NBA has ever seen. Yet Davis still has so much potential that has yet to be uncovered. Unfortunately for NBA fans, Davis was drafted by the New Orleans Pelicans and he will continue to play for the (currently 7-13) Pelicans for the next few years. But what if Adam Silver magically gave me the power to uproot Davis from his home in The Big Easy and his $4 billion contract, and place him on any team I wanted to? Let’s pretend that’s real for the sake of this article.

Imagine Davis playing next to Aldridge in San Antonio with Coach Pop, or in Portland with Damian Lillard, or Milwaukee with another freak athlete like Giannis (Maybe not so much this one, but you get my point).

What about other guys though? Guys who have superstar talent but no one to share it with, like Demarcus Cousins or Russell Westbrook. Players like Giannis or even Joel Embiid.

Let’s continue this hypothetical and figure out the best fit for those 5 individual players; Davis, Boogie, Russ, Giannis and Embiid. The rules are simple, take any of these players and place them on any team that would create the most interesting scenario. Don’t worry about taking away players or the salary cap because this is pretend time now, folks.

Anthony Davis to Portland

Portland is currently sitting at 10-10 in the standings and they could use some help on the interior. They currently have the worst defensive rating in the NBA while also giving up the second most points by any team. Throw Anthony Davis into the mix and that team becomes a Western Conference contender and maybe even a title contender. Dame and Davis both need to have the ball in their hands as often as possible but we’ve come to learn that having multiple ball dominant stars on one team can work. While Dame and CJ McCollum do most of their damage with the ball in their hands, Davis will be able to affect the game without the ball, and that’s the type of player the Blazers need. Plumlee, Vonleh and Leonard aren’t nearly the dominating force that AD is on defense. Davis creating more misses on defense in turn creates more shots for one of the deadliest backcourts in the league. Having two guys on one team that are bound to pop off for 40+ points is extremely rare in the NBA. A Dame and Davis pick and roll would be lethal and Terry Stotts is a head coach that helps players find niches they didn’t even know they had. Next thing we know Davis is throwing behind the back bounce passes as Lillard dunks it on some poor rookie.

Demarcus Cousins to Washington D.C.

Reuniting with his ex-Kentucky teammate, John Wall, Cousins could find a nice fit with the Wiz. Now I’m talking strictly basketball terms here because if Cousins was added into the dumpster fire that currently is the Wizards organization, their might not be enough technical fouls to go around. Head coach Scott Brooks has a track record of taking young talent and making it all mesh together. Cousins may be a different story, but playing along side one of the best passing guards in the NBA with plenty of shooters and young talent to surround him and I don’t see why Boogie wouldn’t thrive on a team like the Wiz. It starts with good coaching and Boogie’s coaching situation has been abysmal since his arrival. Current head coach, Dave Joerger, is the 6th since he was drafted in 2010. This is another pick and roll matchup that would be nearly impossible to stop.

Russell Westbrook to Golden State

C’mon, why not? Russ, Steph, KD, Klay and Draymond all on the floor at the same time wearing the same jersey? The league would implode upon itself. Russ doesn’t fit on this team in any way, shape, or form but it would cause more excitement than anything #NBAtwitter has ever seen. Wouldn’t it be great to watch Russ take a pull up jumper with 20 seconds on the shot clock while the three best shooters in the league stand still and let it happen? I think it would, but I live for moments like that. I think a Draymond/Russ fight would break out at center court of Oracle over who can flail their body in the more ridiculous manner. I kid, but only kind of.

Giannis Antetokounmpo to Los Angeles

Not the Lakers (although that would be insanely fun), but the Clippers. The Clippers have always had a question mark at their small forward position and while Giannis is playing the point guard role in Milwaukee, he would play the point forward for the Clips. LAC doesn’t have a guy who can come in and truly guard someone like KD, Kawhi, or Gordon Hayward, let alone someone who can compete with their size and length. Giannis would cover the one obvious issue that the Clippers have on defense while adding more lobs to what seems to be the forgotten title of Lob City. They would out rebound, out run, and out smart their opponent by adding this 7-foot version of Oscar Robertson.

Joel Embiid to New York

A frontcourt of Embiid and Porzingis might be the perfect match. Both guys can stretch the floor, Embiid is more low post dominant and can hit you with a series of moves while using his shiftiness to grab rebounds and block shots at an exceptional rate while Porzingis can beat his man off the dribble or hit a pull up jump shot in someone’s face. There would be no flaws between those two, they can beat you in every way and the opponent wouldn’t be able to some much as touch them. With Melo still the primary scorer, Embiid would continue to develop without any added pressure to perform (Although he’s already putting up crazy numbers while being the main guy in Philly). Besides, New York is the city that Embiid was born to live in, he has way too much fun to not be living in NY.

I like to think that, one day, Anthony Davis might be freed from the clutches of NBA mediocrity and finally choose a team who’s second best player isn’t Jrue Holiday, but money talks so for now I can only dream until he once again becomes a free agent. You can bet I’ll be rooting for him to pick a team like Portland or San Antonio.


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