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NBA Free Agency Day 1: Who Needs Cap Smoothing?

NBA Free Agency Mark Runyon via Flickr


12:01 A.M. on July 1st marked the start of the NBA moratorium period. Almost immediately after midnight, details about agreed upon contracts started surfacing. The initial numbers behind the deals left some people puzzled. Role players were getting huge contracts and starters were breaking the bank. All across the board, awe inspiring numbers were being thrown around for players like Joakim Noah and Bradley Beal. The new TV deal says welcome to the NBA.

There was a lot that happened on the first day. Almost every team in the League made the news in some fashion. Whether it be by getting an agreement with a player or simply having a rumor spread about their plans, hardly any team was left out.

What happened with the contracts is the new reality in the NBA. With the League expected to get another bump in the salary cap next year, most of these contracts will look a little more normal. However, dealing with numbers this big is going to be commonplace. This year sets a new standard for the average deal. Eventually, it will be easier to price free agents at what they are really worth in relation to the cap, but it won’t be that much different from what is happening right now.

So far, a total of 25 deals have been made. Almost all of the information behind those deals has become public information. The only two in question don’t leave much to the imagination. One of those deals was an offer sheet to Matthew Dellevadova which means the Cavaliers could, in theory, match the offer to retain him. Lebron James made sure that idea stayed a theory by wishing Delly a congratulations on his deal. The other deal is the amount that Ish Smith was signed for by the Pistons. The amount of years for the contract were released but the numbers behind the deal remain a question. Those two aside, here is a look at everything that happened.


2016 Free Agency Day 1:


Player Years Money Team 
Bradley Beal 5 Years $128 Million Wizards
Timofey Mozgov 4 Years $64 Million Lakers
Demar Derozan 5 Years $145 Million Raptors
Andre Drummond 5 Years $130 Million Pistons
Nicolas Batum 5 Years $120 Million Hornets
Jordan Clarkson 4 Years $50 Million Lakers
Hassan Whiteside 4 Years $98 Million Heat
Ish Smith 3-years n/a Pistons
D.J. Augustin 4 Years $29 Million Magic
Jeremy Lin 3 Years $36 Million Nets
Al Jefferson 3 Years $30 Million Pacers
Jerryd Bayless 3 Years $27 Million 76ers
Mirza Teletovic 3 Years $30 Million Bucks
Chandler Parsons 4 Years $94 Million Grizzlies
Evan Turner 4 Years $70 Million Blazers
Evan Fournier 5 Years $85 Million Magic
Matthew Dellavedova 4 Years $38 Million Bucks
Solomon Hill 4 Years $48 Million Pelicans
Jeff Green 1 Year $15 Million Magic
Darrell Arthur 3 Years $23 Million Nuggets
Dwight Howard 3 Years $70 Million Hawks
Mike Conley 5 Years $153 Million Grizzlies
Justin Hamilton 2 Years $6 Million Nets
E’twaun Moore 4 Years $32 Million Pelicans
Jared Dudley 3 Years $30 Million Suns