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NBA Free Agency Day 2: Horford Goes Green

NBA Free Agency Mark Runyon via Flickr


The second day of NBA Free Agency was highlighted by Al Horford agreeing to a deal with the Boston Celtics. Even after an offer from Atlanta that included a reported $163 Million, Horford decided to head on over to Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens on a monster contract. This news came as Kevin Durant was still meeting with the Celtics to see if he would take his talents to Boston. This is huge considering Kevin Durant himself was said to have been recruiting Al Horford to the Oklahoma City Thunder. For now, all eyes are on Danny Ainge.

The money being thrown around hasn’t really calmed down. Huge contracts are still being given to players who put up unremarkable numbers. However, nothing is truly outrageous. The cap went up a considerable amount. This obviously means there is more money to spend on every single NBA player. But, not every single NBA player is a free agent this year. This is the reasoning behind the figures being thrown around. People being overpaid is not really the case. Players are getting paid large amounts of money because that’s what it takes to recruit their services. All this new money has to be spent on this free agency class. That being said, some contracts are easier on the eyes than others.

Today marks a total of 37 free agents signed. There are still a couple of high priced free agents to go around so any “cap gymnastics” shouldn’t come as a surprise. Golden State in particular has some tough decisions to make as they have quite a bit of players who need re-signing, and not enough cap space. If they are holding out on Kevin Durant to make his decision before signing Harrison Barnes, their other free agents may not be on the board when that time comes.

Here is a look at every signing that has happened so far in NBA Free Agency.


NBA Free Agency Day 2:


Player Years Money Team
Bradley Beal 5 Years $128 Million Wizards
Timofey Mozgov 4 Years $64 Million Lakers
Demar Derozan 5 Years $145 Million Raptors
Andre Drummond 5 Years $130 Million Pistons
Nicolas Batum 5 Years $120 Million Hornets
Jordan Clarkson 4 Years $50 Million Lakers
Hassan Whiteside 4 Years $98 Million Heat
Ish Smith 3-years n/a Pistons
D.j. Augustin 4 Years $29 Million Magic
Jeremy Lin 3 Years $36 Million Nets
Al Jefferson 3 Years $30 Million Pacers
Jerryd Bayless 3 Years $27 Million 76ers
Mirza Teletovic 3 Years $30 Million Bucks
Chandler Parsons 4 Years $94 Million Grizzlies
Evan Turner 4 Years $70 Million Blazers
Evan Fournier 5 Years $85 Million Magic
Matthew Dellavedova 4 Years $38 Million Bucks
Solomon Hill 4 Years $48 Million Pelicans
Jeff Green 1 Year $15 Million Magic
Darrell Arthur 3 Years $23 Million Nuggets
Dwight Howard 3 Years $70 Million Hawks
Mike Conley 5 Years $153 Million Grizzlies
Justin Hamilton 2 Years $6 Million Nets
Jared Dudley 3 Years $30 Million Suns
E’twaun Moore 4 Years $34 Million Pelicans
Joakim Noah 4 Years $72 Million Knicks
Kent Bazemore 4 Years $70 Million Hawks
Joe Johnson 2 Years $22 Million Jazz
Luol Deng 4 Years $72 Million Lakers
Jon Leuer 4 Years $42 Million Pistons
Arron Afflalo 2 Years $25 Million Kings
Bismack Biyombo 4 Years $72 Million Magic
Trevor Booker 2 Years $18.5 Million Nets
Ryan Anderson 4 Years $80 Million Rockets
Marvin Williams 4 Years $54.5 Million Hornets
Anthony Tolliver 2 Years $16 Million Kings
Al Horford 4 Years $113 Million Celtics