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NBA Schedule: Opening Day and Christmas Matchups

NBA Schedule Erik Drost via Flickr


The NBA has just released the schedule for the upcoming season. As die-hard fans count up all the back-to-back games their favorite team has, the rest of the fans look forward to the important dates. To be more specific, Opening Day and Christmas are the prime time spots in the NBA. Who faces off during this time is important to both the League, and the fans. Here is a look at the best the NBA schedule has to offer on these dates.

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October 25th, 2016

8 p.m. ET

Cleveland Cavaliers vs New York Knicks

The NBA season kicks off strong with the battle of the super teams. Armed with additions like Derrick Rose and Dwyane Wade, the Knicks are looking to assert their dominance against Cleveland and show the rest of the Eastern Conference who the new alpha dog is. How LeBron and the defending Champs will respond will respond will be really telling about how they handle adversity in this upcoming season. That’s exactly what a New York Knick fan would dream to read about. This game on the NBA schedule is all about showing off two very popular teams after a long basketball drought. Nothing more, nothing less.


October 25th, 2016

10:30 p.m. ET

Golden State Warriors vs San Antonio Spurs

In an attempt to cap off the first day with a bang, the League scheduled the top two Western Conference powerhouses to square off as the final game. It will be the first chance to see Kevin Durant in his new home where he will face a formidable opponent. The Spurs, ignoring what was going on in the summer, went about their business and re-armed themselves after losing Tim Duncan by drafting well, and signing Pau Gasol. Their team got a whole lot younger even with the Pau signing. Everything looks bright in San Antonio as they ride behind their two star forwards, Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldrige. This game will be fun and exciting but won’t be the meter to judge either of these teams when the day is over.


December 25th, 2016

Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors

2:30 p.m. ET

For what many people see as a Finals preview, the Warriors will take on the Cavs in Cleveland on Christmas day. At this point, both teams should have already figured out rotations and line-ups so this game has the potential to be the most exciting of the year. This rematch of the 2016 NBA Finals will be the first time these two teams will see each other and will surely spark the fire behind the rivalry. This game will dominate the headlines on Christmas day and is an key part of the NBA schedule.


December 25th, 2016

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Minnesota Timberwolves

8 p.m. ET

Russell Westbrook and his mission to destroy every Western Conference point guard will likely be in full effect at this point of the season. Just how good the Thunder are and where they might land when the season ends may be clear when going into this game. If that outlook holds even the slightest possibility of making the playoffs, this will be an important matchup. The Minnesota Timberwolves have a roster that should make some Western Conference teams do a double take. They are rounding out to be a great team that is filled head to toe with youth. This may be the year they make the jump into the playoffs and the Oklahoma City Thunder might be the team that has to keep them at bay. Also, both of these teams have high “League Pass Alert” value so above anything else, the game will be fun to watch.