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Neville Suffers Ankle Fracture


Neville Suffers Ankle Fracture, likely to miss ‘Mania.

The injured reserve list just keeps getting bigger and bigger over at the WWE, as the high flying daredevil Neville sustained an injury during his contest with Chris Jericho this past Monday on RAW. WWE confirmed on their website that Neville suffered the injury, in a statement said by Dr. Chris Amann, which read:

“Neville sustained a left ankle injury on a baseball slide during his match with Chris Jericho. Initial X-rays reveal a fracture of the ankle. He will undergo further imaging today to determine the extent of the fracture and to determine if surgery will be necessary.”

According to a report by Wrestling Observer Radio, Neville suffered both a broken ankle, as well as a broken shinbone, an is likely to miss WrestleMania 32, which is set to take place at AT&T Stadium in Dallas.

The injury came during the closing moments of the match, as Neville attempted a baseball slide, but the tip of his foot got stuck on the canvas, as he went through the move, his body weight pushing into his left foot. In the audio, you can hear him inform Jericho of the situation, and Jericho, being the veteran that he is, promptly ended the match, getting into first a shoving match with senior referee Charles Robinson, getting himself disqualified. They continued to have a shouting match after the match was over, where you could hear Jericho, as he broke character, and legitimately arguing with Robinson over what had transpired.

Jericho would then get back into character, insulting the Pittsburgh crowd, taunting them, and telling them to chant for AJ Styles, who answered the call, and attacked Jericho, hitting the “Phenomenal Forearm”.

The WWE went on and posted a “RAW Fallout” video, which you can see here, where they showed the moments before he went to the hospital.

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