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One for the Thumb

Coming back to win from down 25 points in the Super Bowl may have just elevated Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck to near immortal status, greatest of all time status, etc. To say anything other than that right now seems irrational or simply not smart.  In spite of all the glory and champagne residue, lies some very critical team needs.

Arguably the best comeback of all time has covered up the discussions of how bad New England looked for most of that game.

Offensive Team Needs

Father time is currently losing its battle against Tom Brady. Brady now 39-years-old seems to be geared for another 3-4 years of producing at a high level. So you have that to build on if your New England, now lets shiny up some weapons for the man.

Rob Gronkowski may have already played his best football. I am scared to death of the numerous back surgeries he has had. Body is simply deteriorating. When part of the reason you dominate is because your bigger and can take hits from undersized linebackers and safeties, having a bad back is a big problem.Not to mention Martellus Bennett is a free agent heading into the off-season. A typical personnel advantage at the tight end position is no more. Creating the match made in heaven for Alabama tight end O.J. Howard.

Howard is projected to go a lot earlier than where New England drafts at pick 32. However, there is daily speculation surrounding back-up quarterback Jimmy Garappolo being traded this off-season. Hypothetically if that were to happen, in typical New England fashion the Patriots would receive a package of draft picks. Which will make it a lot easier for them to get in position to draft whom ever they desire. Expect a new tight end in New England

Defensive Team Needs

Matt Patricia may not be coaching in New England for much longer. If history repeats itself, a team will eventually name Patricia as it head coach. That usually happens to coordinators under Belicheck.

However, as great as the Super Bowl comeback looked, the points that lead to the 25-point deficit looked worst from a defensive perspective.

Your best corner was getting his ankles broken like he was guarding Kyrie Irving in game 6. New England struggled getting any pressure on Matt Ryan. If not for a missed assignment by Devonta Freeman that lead to a pivotal strip sack, Ryan would not have had a stain on his jersey.

If New England doesn’t trade up to upgrade the offense, expect a few things. Drafting a young defensive back will add depth to a perceived strength on the defense. I would like to see New England draft Michigan’s Jabrill Peppers. Peppers proved this past season at Michigan that he is one of the most versatile prospects in the draft. He can do it all, safety, corner, linebacker you name it. New England would be the perfect team to utilize his many attributes. The addition of Peppers may make New England’s secondary one of the best in football.

The Patriots have become a hot bed for signing former pro-bowlers on the last legs of their careers. I would expect a few signings of that caliber to help strengthen the pass rush. Calais Campbell fits that mold here.