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New York City Police Department looking to speak with Matt Barnes



Matt Barnes at center of NYPD investigation over alleged assault

According to multiple sources, Sacramento Kings forward, Matt Barnes, is being sought out for questioning by the New York Police Department regarding an incident that occurred at the New York City night club, Avenue, early Monday morning.

Following the Kings 106-98 loss to the New York Knicks, police received reports of a man choking a woman while two other people (one man and one woman) were allegedly assaulted. There is currently no video footage released to the public that shows whether Barnes was the assailant, but a source close to the investigation, who, according to USA Today, is not authorized to speak publicly as the investigation is ongoing, claims that Barnes was indeed the assailant.

TMZ first reported the incident, posting footage of Barnes and Kings teammate, Demarcus Cousins, outside of the nightclub.

Barnes is averaging 7.5 PPG, 5 RPG, and 2.7 APG while playing 25 minutes per game on aKings team that is currently 7-13.

Barnes took to Instagram to gives his side:


There’s always two sides to the story.. The side the media consistently tries to paint of me….And what actually happened!  Don’t believe everything you read

FROM matt_barnes9 on instagram


You may remember Barnes being in the news last October for getting into an altercation with then New York Knicks head coach, Derek Fisher, while Fisher was supposedly in contact with Barnes recently estranged wife. Barnes was suspended 2 games and fined over $41,000 as a result.

Over his 16 year career, Barnes has accumulated over $400,000 in fines from the NBA along with being suspended a total of 6 games. Some of Barnes’ NBA related incidences include being assessed technicals and ejections for excessive swearing, suspensions for conduct that was deemed detrimental to the team he was playing for, and my personal favorite, his one game suspension for throwing his forearm into Greg Stiemsma’s neck back in 2013.

Barnes may not exactly be a “good guy”, but the courage it takes to try something like this on Kobe Bean Bryant is unmeasurable.


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