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New York Mets Sign former NY Jet Tim Tebow

Mets James Gaddis/via Flickr


Tim Tebow goes from New York Jet to New York Met


The New York Mets have signed former New York Jets Quarterback to a minor league deal on Thursday morning. Tebow is set to appear in the instructional league this fall as an outfielder. He last played organized baseball in 2005 for Nease High School in Ponte Verde Florida during 2005.  The last person to Coach Tim Tebow on a baseball diamond was high school coach Greg “Boo” Mullins and he sees enough potential in Tim to make this worth the risk for the Mets.


“The work ethic that he has is what it’s going to take to get there,” Mullins told FOX Sports by phone from Florida. “And if anybody can get there, it’s going to be him.


“He just needs the reps and the timing, and he needs to see pitching, pitching, pitching,” added Mullins, a left-handed pitcher who appeared in two games for the Milwaukee Brewers in 1998. “I’m not worried about him getting reps in at the cage, after practice, before practice, things like that — because he’s going to do that on his own.”


Tebow is set to report to Port St. Lucie at the instructional league level for the Mets from September 19th- October 8th. He is going to be allowed some days off to continue his work on the SEC Network this fall. The Mets also have not ruled out sending him to the Arizona Fall League or a Winter League to continue his development after the Instructional League completes.

The Mets say they signed Tebow based on the possibility of his baseball skills, many scouts have mixed reviews about whether Tebow has the skill set to play baseball. Sandy Alderson of the Mets said there is no guarantee that Tebow will receive a Major League contract.

After spending the last four years out of football, Tebow now finds himself on the verge of reaching another dream of his.  The 29-year-old agreed Thursday to a minor league contract with the Mets that includes a $100,000 signing bonus.

Tebow has never been a stranger to doubters and in the case of baseball he knows many don’t have the faith in him to reach the Major Leagues.

“I would consider success giving everything I have,” Tebow said. “I would consider success putting in the work and looking back on this opportunity and this journey 10, 15, 20 years from now and saying that I gave everything I had, I did everything I could do to be the best that I could be. I don’t necessarily view success or failure as how many rings or championships or promotions you get.”

Tim Tebow is known for proving people wrong in the past and now the Mets hope he is able to do it again.