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NFL Draft Analyst Todd McShay Discusses 2017 NFL Draft In ESPN Conference Call

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Todd McShay Conference Call

Today, I had my second opportunity to represent TSJ Sports in a conference call with ESPN’s Todd McShay.  In this conference call, McShay answered questions from members of the media regarding the 2017 NFL Draft.  In this article, I will highlight three major viewpoints that I received from McShay during this call.

The 2017 QB Class Is Very Unpredictable

A lot of questions that members of the media presented during this conference call were regarding this year’s quarterback class.  As McShay explained, this year’s class is extremely unpredictable.  This is mainly due to the fact that according to McShay, there isn’t a quarterback that stands out or is worthy of being the first overall pick.  As many other experts have said, McShay believes that the top four QBs in this class are Mitchell Trubisky, Deshaun Watson, DeShone Kizer, and Pat Mahomes.  McShay believes there could be as many as six QBs selected in the first two rounds with Josh Dobbs and Davis Webb both being second round prospects.

Dobbs was a very interesting prospect that McShay raved about.  McShay explained that he believes Dobbs will be one of the “gems” of this draft.  He said that this is due to the fact that he believes Dobbs is the most dangerous runner in this QB class and that he also has great arm strength.  His take is interesting because some experts have tabbed Dobbs as this year’s Dak Prescott.

McShay Is Very High On Linebacker Jarrad Davis

One major prospect that McShay raved about during this conference call was linebacker Jarrad Davis from Florida.  Davis has risen on a lot of draft boards as a mid-late first round prospect.  McShay had the following to say about Davis : “On a talent perspective, he is a first round talent.  On an intangibles perspective, he is a top five prospect in the draft.”  McShay raved about Davis’ speed, elite instincts, and run stopping ability.  McShay said that Davis has also shown great coverage skills for an inside linebacker.  He also praised Davis on being very coachable, calling him a “student of the game.”  Due to injury concerns, some teams could view Davis with caution but McShay still believes he will be selected in the first round.

Special Teams “Stars” Are Becoming A Trend

Another thing that McShay discussed in this conference call is special teams.  McShay stated that he believes college coaches are beginning to focus more on having solid special teams units.  With this being the case, draft prospects who are solid on special teams are beginning to see their stocks rise.  NFL teams are getting more for their money when selecting players that can make an impact in multiple aspects of the game.  Some examples of players that McShay mentioned that could see their stocks rise due to their potential impact in the return game/special teams include Jabrill Peppers and Adoree’ Jackson.  Both of those prospects are intriguing because they had success on offense, defense, and special teams in college.  With that being said, NFL teams could be filling multiple needs with one player, which is a huge plus.

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