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NFL Draft Player Rundown: LSU Wide Receiver Malachi Dupre

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Louisiana State University (LSU) wide receiver Malachi Dupre is not one of the more talked about players at his position in the 2017 draft cycle.  With bigger names like Western Michigan‘s Corey Davis and Clemson‘s Mike Williams to get excited about, it’s easier to forget about the “little guys.”

Well let’s be clear; Dupre is not a little guy and it’s time to start getting excited about the former 4-star wide receiver.  Listed at 6’4″ and 195 pounds, Dupre has a big body to go along with his explosive athleticism.  Prior to attending LSU, he was a state champion in the long, triple, and high jump events on his high school track team.

With his natural talent, you’d expect Dupre to have had more than 98 catches, 1609 yards, and 14 touchdowns in his college career.  Those numbers are not great career numbers.  For example, Raiders wide receiver Amari Cooper had 124 catches, 1727 yards, and 16 touchdowns in his final season at Alabama.

Scouting Report

Malachi Dupre has a decent get off when facing a cornerback in off coverage.  Once he picks up a bit of speed, he can fight through contact and run his route efficiently.  He is a good route runner for his size.  He knows how to set routes up and work off his stem.  Dupre’s athletic ability shows as he runs downfield; his good play speed makes his athletic ability evident.

He shows an elite ability to adjust to the ball when it is in the air.  His leaping ability allows him to adjust to high balls exceptionally well.  He shows the ability to turn his body in the air to adjust to off-target throws.

Shows solid hands; he had several impressive one-handed catches in his career.  He gets upfield when given the opportunity.  When he is led in his route, he shows the ability to maximize yards after the catch.

Dupre is a solid blocker in the run game.  He is fairly reliable when used to seal off cornerbacks and can come down on crack blocks to seal the edge.

Struggles to get off of press coverage. He needs to learn to use his hands to get off press instead of running laterally.  Lack of suddenness makes it so that it takes him a while to get up to full speed.

At the top of his route, there is some wasted movement that limits the separation he gets from defenders.  Needs to sink his hips more to have better change of direction.  Below you see the wasted steps as he breaks.

Struggled with poor concentration at times. He will drop easy passes that hit him in the hands cleanly.  Dupre also doesn’t seem to have a short memory; his drops come in bunches.  Had several games where he’d have “the drops” and not be able to snap out of it.

Overall, Dupre is a player with a lot of upside.  He will be a contributor right away, and could be a future #1 wide receiver with good coaching.  At worst you’re getting a red zone target with downfield threat potential.

Pro Comparison

Justin Hunter

While Hunter has not been a productive NFL player, his upside made him the 34th overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft.  Dupre offers that same upside, and quite frankly is ahead of where Hunter was when he came out.

Projected Round: 3