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NFL Releases Annual Social Responsibility Report

Social Responsibility Report NFL Media via Flickr


Social Responsibility Report

The NFL has released the 2016 Social Responsibility Report which includes a mission statement.

“The NFL will implement consistent and thoughtful responses to societal issues by educating the NFL family, instituting transparent league policies, and actively engaging with communities to positively impact society.”

In addition, Roger Goodell later talked about the commitment of the league to serve the people and fans around them,

“No matter the season, the NFL is determined to be a force for positive change. The commitment to serve our communities unfolds year-round through the volunteerism and philanthropy of owners, teams, players, coaches, and staff.”

At this point, he goes on to discuss how the 2016 season successfully engaged communities across the nation through various initiatives. Crucial Catch, Salute to Service, and NFL PLAY 60 are three of those initiatives. While continuing their work for the health and safety of athletes at all levels, the NFL implemented year three of the league-wide domestic violence and sexual assault education program.

Embracing leadership roles by serving communities throughout the year is important to NFL players. Each year, their community service efforts are recognized with the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. While the 32 team winners were celebrated during post-season, the 2016 finalists; Larry Fitzgerald, Eli Manning, and Greg Olsen; were recognized during Super Bowl week.

Commitment to Continuing Service

With each new NFL season comes the opportunity to build on these accomplishments and fulfill leadership responsibilities to the communities surrounding each franchise.

“The NFL will continue to stand for football and community. We embrace our role and are proud to be in a position to unify and serve our communities.”

Read the full document here 2016 NFL Social Responsibility Report.


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