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NFL Trade Rumors: Eagles are open to Trade Jordan Matthews

Philadelphia Eagles are open to Trade Jordan Matthews raven-dajon Coleman via Flickr


Trade Jordan Matthews

Just before midnight on Sunday as Philadelphia fans were still debating trade scenarios for Brandin Cooks, the topic talks quickly changed.  Charles Robinson posted a very nonchalant tweet mentioning the Eagles may be open to trade the young WR, Jordan Matthews.  While this may seem as a bit of shocker, there have been some who thought the Eagles may move on from the young Wide Out following his rookie contract.

Here is the exact tweet that Robinson posted:

This could all be speculation; however, Roseman said the team would be open to any options during an interview on Friday. Eagles’ brass seems to be listening to all offers.

Robinson did follow up shortly after to with this tweet:

Will the Eagles Trade Jordan Matthews? Maybe. Maybe not.

This will without a doubt get teams that may be interested to give the Eagles a call, and who knows where that could lead.