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NFL Week 15 Preview: Buccaneers Versus Cowboys

Cowboys must make a statement after a poor offensive performance. SETH CHIRSTIE VIA FLICKR


Dak Prescott And The Cowboys Look To Make A Statement After Poor Offensive Performance

Lightning has struck the Cowboys twice this season when playing the Giants. Once again, the Cowboys walked away after facing their division rival with a loss. Now a hot Buccaneers team is coming to Dallas to challenge the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. Two young quarterbacks in Jamis Winston and Dak Prescott will battle in what will be the biggest game of year for each side. Dallas must make a statement this week with a big win to keep their lead in the division and conference.

Dak Prescott and the Cowboys‘ offense looked sloppy and out of sync last week. However, their formula for winning this season has been running the ball with ease. This week they should be able to do just that. Through 13 games this season, the Buccaneers have given up an average of 110.7 rushing yards per game. They have also allowed ten rushing touchdowns. The Cowboys lead the league in rushing as Ezekiel Elliott and Dak Prescott have been able to use their athleticism to drive Dallas to a 11-2 record.

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I’m aware that it’s really easy to say Dallas should just run the ball, as it obviously works pretty well. But when they are facing a team that gives up greater than 100 yards on the ground, they will exploit that. The Cowboys have found the end zone while rushing 20 times this season. Basically everyone knows they are going to try run all day on the Tampa Bay defense. This could actually spell trouble for the Buccaneers.

Knowing that Dallas is going to feed their rookie running back early and often, the Buccaneer defense might lose focus on the Cowboys’ offense. Scott Linehan will likely give Elliott some early carries and then he will feature Prescott in some play action plays early. Dak Prescott has an excellent play fake ability, especially for a rookie. So if the Tampa Bay defenders continue to focus and key in on the running game, they will likely get burned multiple times.

Dez Bryant will be looking to have a big bounce back game at home to make a statement about the offense. Bryant had one of his worst games this past Sunday with just one catch. If anyone knows Dez Bryant, they know this man doesn’t have back to back quiet games. Prescott and Bryant will have a few big connections this game and they will push Dallas down the field.

The Cowboys actually need this home win as the Giants are right behind them and are rolling. Dallas should come out on top with a big explosion on offense. After failing to do next to anything last Sunday, these guys will be full of energy and will be ready for the big match up. The Buccaneers and Cowboys will play Sunday night at 8:30 p.m. ET.