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NHL Announces ‘John Scott Rule’ for All-Star Fan Voting

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NHL Announces New All-Star Fan Voting Rules

The NHL is taking steps to avoid another All-Star fan voting dilemma. The league has announced a new rule, the ‘John Scott Rule’ which will disqualify any player who was not on an NHL roster as on November 1st, as well as any player who is sent to the American Hockey League or any other minor league team between November 1st and January 26th, outside of conditioning stints for injuries.

The NHL implemented new rules to the All Star game in an attempt to spice things up. Instead of two conference teams, the NHL gave each of the divisions an 11 player team. The four division teams each played a 20 minute game against the other team of their conference, then the winner would play the other conferences winner in a 20 minute final game. The NHL also gave fans the ability to pick the captain of each team, one captain for each division, with the rest of the team being picked by the league. The new format and fan voting was a big hit among the fans, and will be brought back for the 2017 NHL All Star game.

Last season, fans of the NHL voted John Scott, then of the Arizona Coyotes, as the captain of the Pacific Division All-Star team. After a lot of drama, which included the Coyotes and NHL asking him to sit out, and a trade to the Montreal Canadians, Scott ended up playing in the 3V3 tournament, which ended with him being named All Star MVP.

With the new rule, the NHL will still give the fans the ability to vote for each captain, while being able to avoid players like Scott, who are voted in more as a joke than based on actual skill. The new rule has already been met with some criticism by fans, who want to see fan favorite players, who don’t fit the mold of the traditional NHL all star, added into the game. The NHL is worried about the integrity of their All-Star game, while most fans are just looking to have fun with the game.