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NHL to Add Blue-Line Cameras for Playoffs

Cameras will be used for Offside Reviews


NEW YORK-The NHL is heading into the stretch run of its season, as the playoffs are just 27 days away and nothing has been decided yet as far as the playoff picture is concerned. The league today, though, did announce one thing that will be at the playoffs this season: blue-line cameras.

The NHL will be installing cameras at the blue lines of each of the 16 playoff rinks to help determine whether a goal is offside.

The league made the announcement, which was decided upon by the general managers at the annual general managers’ meetings in Boca Raton, FL. According to a report, “There will be two cameras set up for the blue lines, one on the glass boards and another four feet extended above the bench. The NHL tested the cameras at the all-star game in Nashville as well as the two most recent outdoor games.”

The report also states that each team’s video coach will access to that video to help the head coach determine if there should be a challenge on a goal that may have been an offside play.

The hope is that these cameras will help make these calls “black-and-white”, which is so important with what’s at stake in the playoffs. They should also make linesmen’s jobs easier, as right now they can only view that camera angles that are shown on TV.

The NHL also announced that the blue-line cameras will be used across the league starting next regular season.

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