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NL All-Star Voting Update

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National League All-Star Voting Update

On Tuesday Major League Baseball released it’s 4th update of the NL All-Star voting.  Little has changed with the leaders, but some races appear to be over while some have tightened up.  The 2016 MLB All-Star game is scheduled to take place at Petco Park in San Diego on July 12th.

Voting results so far

1st Base

  1. (Cubs) Anthony Rizzo– 2,202,494
  2. (Giants) Brandon Pelt– 839,188

2nd Base

  1. (Cubs) Ben Zobrist– 2,057,122
  2. (Nats) Daniel Murphy– 1,573,890

3rd Base

  1. (Cubs) Kris Bryant– 2,070,738
  2. (Col) Nolan Arenado– 1,543,515


  1. (Cubs) Addison Russell– 1,489,998
  2. (Col) Trevor Story– 1,110,002


  1. (Cards) Yadier Molina– 1,205,497
  2. (Giants) Buster Posey– 1,130,084


  1. (Cubs) Dexter Fowler– 2,003,115
  2. (Nats) Bryce Harper– 1,824,808
  3. (Mets) Yoenis Cespedes– 1,759,302
  4. (Cubs) Jason Heyward– 1,271,107


With voting scheduled to end on Thursday June 30th, the Chicago Cubs players are holding strong to their spots.  Only Bryce Harper, Yoenis Cespedes, and Yadier Molina are non Cub players that lead in their positions.  Cubs 3rd baseman Kris Bryant was asked about why so many Cubs are leading.

“I think it’s a result of our team record,” he said, per’s Jesse Rogers. “We’re playing a lot better than we were at this point last year. If the team is playing good, then the players are playing good.”

Is the voting system broken?

Stuffing the ballots by fans is not a new thing at all.  In 1957 fans of the Cincinnati Reds elected 7 Reds players, before Commissioner Ford Frick disallowed some players.  Frick would then strip the fans of their right to vote and allow managers and players to pick the team.  This decision would last until 1969 when fans could once again vote for their favorite players.

The 1988 game was surrounded with controversy as Oakland A’s fans voted in Terry Steinbach whose numbers were not All-Star worthy.  All that was silenced as Steinbach would go on to win the All-Star MVP.  Steinbach would hit a home-run and Sac-fly to score both runs in an American league 2-1 win.


The game means something.

In 2002 the All-Star game ended in a tie when both teams ran out of relief pitchers.  This sparked Commissioner Bud Selig to make a ruling that the game would mean something now.  In 2003 the games winner would officially decide who had home field advantage in the World Series.  Again the game would face criticism for this decision.

“So now we have a game that’s not real baseball determining which league hosts Games 1, 2, 6, and 7 in the World Series. It’s not a game if pitchers throw one inning. It’s not a game if managers try to get everyone on a bloated roster into the game. It’s not a game if every franchise, no matter how wretched, has to put a player on the team … If the game is going to count, tell the managers to channel their inner Connie Mack and go for it.” said Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe.


If you don’t like it, do something about it.

It’s really that simple.  For those that think it is crazy to see one team representing the majority of an All-Star team, they have options.  Simply get out and vote.  Just as Royals fans last year attempted to push 7 players into the line-up and Cubs fans try to push their team through.  People can get online and vote.  If you think a player is undeserving then use your right to vote for who you believe deserves it.