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Oklahoma City Thunder fall to the Golden State Warriors for the 4th Consecutive Time this Season. 

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Tread Lightly!

The Golden State Warriors defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 111-95 last night in the Chesapeake Energy Arena, without forward Kevin Durant. Should the Warriors tread lightly?

Despite the Warriors blowing out the Thunder for the 4th consecutive time this year this match-up has become an anticipated rivalry. Think about it, Thunder guard Russell Westbrook dislikes Durant with a burning passion.

Recently, Warriors guard Stephen Curry has been exchanging words with Westbrook. Players and head coaches have made it clear that back-to-back games are wearing players out. Nevertheless, when these two teams meet reputation is at stake and pride takes over.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Watching the outcome of each game reminds me of a little brother fighting to avoid a swirly, but comes up short in the end.  The two teams got into a scuffle last night, which led to another blow out in favor of Golden State.

This season has been a struggle to watch because most prime time games have been blow outs. When these two teams match up the game starts off close until the Warriors put together a solid run. If the playoffs started today these two teams would not face off.

It’s important for the Dubs to finish this season as the number one seed. If you are the Warriors you want to steer clear of a first round match up with the Thunder at all cost. As of now it seems impossible because the Thunder have the six seed.

Food for Thought!

Last week the San Antonio Spurs took the number one seed which resulted in a potential match-up between the Warriors and Thunder. The 2015 NBA champions need to avoid OKC as long as possible especially with Durant recovering.

The Warriors may want to tread lightly. Think about it the Thunder have nothing to lose, and they are ten games over 500 with a light roster.

Again tread lightly Dub nation, Durant is still not one-hundred percent. I repeat without Durant, Golden States championship aspirations may come to a halt.

If OKC and the GSW met in the first or second round, the forecast would be slightly physical, small chance of flagrant two’s and shattered clipboards. There is no argument that General manger Sam Presti’s team would lose due to a lack of talent and depth.

A face-off between the two teams would affect the Dub’s significantly because Durant’s knee has not healed which could effect team chemistry, and o yeah their bench is rather short. This series could dictate how far the GSW could advance in the playoffs.

What if Durant is nowhere near returning? Do you really want to go past the first round without your star player and leading shot blocker?

Currently the Warriors hold the number one seed at (56-14), while the Thunder maintains the six seed at (40-30). Without Durant in the line up the Warriors need to tread lightly.

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