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OTLR Recap June 12, 2016 Special Guest Tony Wright

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Welcome to another exciting recap of OTLR.  I am your hostess, Kellie Kellz, breaking down all the action for the June 12th edition of OTLR, brought to you by  Never miss an episode by subscribing to the show on Blogtalkradio, TuneIn, Stitcher, or iTunes.

My co-hosts the Birdman and the Don of Sports were out this week, so myself and Rashan the Don had to hold down the fort.  We started out with talk of the NBA Finals and the loss of my Cleveland Cavaliers to the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 of the series.  Big news for Sunday, it was announced that Draymond Green will face suspension for Game 5 to be played Monday night for his foul against LeBron James.

Rashan claims that Lebron folded under pressure and caused Kyrie Irving to need to rush his shots.  My thoughts were the Cavs dominated going into the 4th quarter and then frustration set in on the offense.  Although I am a huge fan of the Cavaliers, I have to agree that LeBron lacks the drive to finish this championship run.  Unless there is a change in the locker room and the team chemistry, the Cavs are finished.

We discussed the Green suspension and whether this will bring the series to seven.  Rashan thinks that LeBron was in the wrong by disrespecting Green and initiating the foul and that the Warriors will finish out the series during game 5.  My heart tells me that the Cavs have to win with Green out and then push the series to seven by refusing to lose in Cleveland for game 6.  We agree that the suspension of Draymond was probably a nod back to his previous crotch issues earlier in the playoffs.  It seems the refs have finally seen enough and suspended him.  Rashan comes out and says NBA players should start wearing cups.

Our special guest came on the line, Tony Wright, a very talented Bulls writer from Chicago Sports Nation.  You can catch his work on

We asked Tony his opinion on the finals and he believes that Golden State will finish the series in Cleveland during game 6.

We asks Tony about the rumors floating around that  the Chicago Bulls may move up in the NBA draft.  It is his opinion that Jimmy Butler is the only piece worth enough for a better draft pick and that he is of the opinion that in a two-player draft that it would not be worth giving up a superstar to move up unless it was for the number one or two pick which is likely not a possibility.

The subject of Derrick Rose came up, Tony brought up that Rose and Butler haven’t had much chance to play together.  As a 76er fan, Rashan brought up the possible trade of Nerlens Noel or Jahlil Okafor for a trade for Rose.  Tony thinks it’s possible but probably not likely.

We went into draft talk.  Tony gave us his opinions of several players that the Chicago Bulls could consider picking up if they stick with the number 14th pick.  I asked if they moved up to the number 3 with a trade to the Boston Celtics, who would be a smart pick up.  He discussed one of my favorite players in the draft, Dragan Bender.

The Kevin Durant question, of course, came up.  After a laugh, Tony admitted that the Bulls don’t really have the resources to be a serious contender.

Going back to Derrick Rose, Tony thinks that if he stays healthy that he could be All-Star caliber again, although granted not MVP caliber.

Rashan brought up LeBron and game 4.  Tony agrees that LeBron could have done more in that particular game but that he will still go down as one of the all time greats.  The comparison to Michael Jordan came up and the 25th anniversary of the Chicago Bulls first finals win over the LA Lakers.

I asked what Tony’s early prediction for the Bulls is for the next season.  With smart decisions and health, he believes that they can reach the playoffs in a top six seed position.  The biggest question being, can they stay healthy and can they get the chemistry going.

After the break, we broke into Philadelphia Eagles talk.  We went into Fletcher Cox returning to practice after not showing up to voluntary workouts.  We discussed options and speculations about the Cox contract.   Both of us are very happy that he is working out with the team and are excited to see what he does in the new defensive scheme.

We discussed Darren Sproles and his sitting out of voluntary workouts.  There are so many rumors floating around about family issues, trade possibilities, contract negotiations, etc.  It is unknown what is the actual truth.  What we can agree on though is that Sproles is another valued member of this team and we are happy to see him practicing with the team once again.

We branched into the Nelson Agholor issue.  Agholor was accused of rape after being in a Philadelphia strip club.  The investigation is still ongoing at this point.  Without all the evidence, the points we agree on are that players should be staying out of situations where these types of things can happen.  Whether the rape happened or did not happen, he should not have been in a strip club as a role model in the Philadelphia community.  We also agree that Doug Pederson does not need to deal with this in his rookie head coaching season.

The discussion turned to suspensions, behavior of NFL players, and precedents set by women involved with players.  Kellie’s words of wisdom to all professional and aspiring professional athletes:  Make your dates leave the camera phones at the door and have them sign a waiver.

To start the second half of the show, we welcomed MLB writer, Austin Hutchinson on the air.  I started by asking Austin what surprised him about the recent MLB draft.  One name mentioned is Mickey Moniak who was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies.  Austin showed us why he’s in charge of our MLB department, showcasing his knowledge and passion for the sport giving his opinion on the very young rookie.

I asked Austin what he though of his team, the Chicago Cubs.  He likes the fact that college players have proven themselves more and are more ready to enter the professional stage.

Austin brought up my  Boston Red Sox and their pick Jason Groome.  It pleases me that Austin was impressed with my team’s draft.

Rashan brought up the Ryan Howard situation and the lack of fan respect.  Austin believes that Howard wants to finish out the season and thinks that the team is handling the situation as they should.  The blame lands on the fans who have forgotten what Howard did in the past for the team.

Fun fact, Austin let us know that Mickey Moniak’s father was coached by none other than the great Ted Williams.

Austin stated that he doesn’t feel that his Cubs can beat the record of the Seattle Mariners for most regular season wins.  When it comes down to it though, the only thing that matters is taking home the glory of the championship.

I brought up Madison Bumgarner and Jake Arrieta wanting to get into the Home Run Derby.  General consensus is let them in, it could make the competition more exciting.

I asked Austin what his updated predictions are for the season.  He is still standing behind his Cubs and thinks it would be fun to see a Chicago/Boston World Series or a Chicago/Chicago World Series.  We also can’t rule out the San Francisco Giants and their dynasty.

After the last break we came back with a familiar voice on the line.  Regular OTLR host, the Birdman took a moment away from his wedding anniversary celebration to call in and talk some smack about the NBA finals.  At this point I think my co-hosts are just trying to add insult to injury by pounding in how badly Lebron and my Cavs performed.  I’m going to start taking this personally especially after the attack on my bearded beauty, Kevin Love.

We rehashed some of the earlier arguments about the Draymond suspension.  I brought up Lebron’s lack of calls and love from the refs.  No matter what it’s a frustrating situation.  The Birdman agreed with our special guest that the series will end in Cleveland in six.  I hold to what I said earlier that if we can pull of the win without Green on the court, the series will go to seven.  Rashan still says the series ends Monday.

The conversation degraded to crotch hit talk with everyone else blaming LeBron for the suspension of Draymond but I called him a multiple nut shot offender and claimed that is why he is finally suspended.

After a silly end to this NBA segment, we got serious on OTLR, believe it or not, it sometimes happens.

Rashan brought up the Muhammad Ali funeral services and we discussed how much we were touched by it.  Once again, we agree how Ali transcends worlds and we reiterated what a great man he was and how much he will be missed.  The Birdman brought up that everyone should take up his example and look at how we can better the world around us.

With very little time left in the show, I had Rashan give his thoughts on the passing of street fighter icon Kimbo Slice.  I knew Rashan was a fan and I felt the emotion in his tribute.  Rashan stated, “He was the American dream, he showed that no matter what you do, there is always an opportunity if you have special talent that you can make it in this world.”

I closed the show with my final thoughts sending our thoughts and prayers to the victims of the Orlando Night Club shootings.  I remind you all to go out and love one another, live every day like it might be your last because you never know when it will be.

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