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OTLR Recap May 22, 2016 All Things NBA and NFC North Draft


TSJ101 Radio: OTLR May 22, 2016

Did you miss this week’s edition of OTLR?  No fear!  Kellie Kellz is here to let you know what you missed from myself, the Birdman, the Don of Sports, and Rashan the Don.  You can check out the full broadcast below.  Be sure to subscribe to our broadcasts on,, or Stitcher on your mobile device by searching tsj101 so you never miss an exciting moment of the best sports talk on the airwaves.

This week’s OTLR got a little heated as we discussed all things NBA.  My fellow hosts were quite excited after the Philadelphia 76ers scored the top pick in the recent NBA lottery.  Shots were fired early as I congratulated them for finally seeing payoff for several seasons of tanking.  Of course, not everyone can be a fan of the future NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, so I’ll let them have their moment in the spotlight, they deserve it.

We re-hash the debate of Ben Simmons versus Brandon Ingram and a few scenarios that we could see go down in the draft.  Rashan and I are smart enough to look past the flash and remain on team Ingram but where will he go?  Philly?  The LA Lakers?.  The draft discussion turned to whether it is smarter to keep your draft assets or trade them away for established players.  The Don of Sports has some impressive knowledge on the subject.  The Birdman made the bold prediction that the Boston Celtics will trade away the third overall pick, time will tell, but if he’s wrong I’m predicting the rest of us calling him out on it.

The Birdman took the show in an asinine (please note the spelling) direction by stating he has not watched and does not plan to watch the Eastern Conference Finals.  Haters gonna hate.  At least the Don of Sports and Rashan the Don backed me up by talking some sense.  Unfortunately, Rashan ruined his cred by dissing LeBron.  Don earns kudos from Kellie Kellz in Cleveland for showing his passion for my man LeBron, I’ll be sure to mail him a championship T-shirt.  No matter how beautiful the Birdman says I am, I can’t let him slide on this one.

This is where the drama starts, the boys start yelling about current superstars in the NBA, shots were coming fast and hard and I took cover.  Someone must have slipped something funny in the water at the TSJ101 OTLR studios because nonsense was coming from all directions at one point, except mine of course, as I remain the constant voice of reason.

In a nod to the recent King James comments, we debated the best player versus the most valuable player in regards to Kevin Durant (dubbed by Don as an assassin of the highest order) and Russell Westbrook (titled by the Birdman as the aggressor and the leader of the team).  The debate could only be settled by a time out for Don and Rashan with a mic mute.

The conversation turned to the speculated increase in the NBA salary cap.  My prediction is the Cavs will be able to build LeBron’s dream team, could we see Dwayne Wade in wine and gold next year?  Don predicts superstars will follow the LeBron James model by opting for short term contracts to maximize future cap increases.  Rashan predicts smaller market teams will be able to become contenders even though the talent level in the NBA overall may continue to fall.  Birdman is predicting a strike due to contracted players not seeing the large payday that free agents with less talent may receive.  The discussion continued into who deserves and who will probably receive max contracts.

For the last half hour of the show, we switched gears to the NFL.  The OTLR team continues their draft analysis by talking the NFC North selections.  I selected the Detroit Lions as my top team in that division which I knew would draw some disagreement.  Rashan and the Birdman both selected the Minnesota Vikings as the top dogs.  Although I agree that Minnesota scored with wide receivers the rest of their draft seemed lackluster to me.  Rashan selected the Lions as the worst draft, where the Birdman and I agree that title goes to the Chicago Bears.  In a rare moment of agreement, we all believe the Green Bay Packers quietly had a solid, smart draft.  Rashan brought up some great points about team identities and how that effects draft selection.

We discussed preseason excitement for the Philadelphia Eagles and interest in seeing Carson Wentz on the pro field for the first time.  Rashan of course got in his obligatory nod to Ezekiel Elliott, I’m starting to think the kid is giving him kickbacks for the mentions.

Join us next week as the madness continues on OTLR.  We’ll continue NBA playoff coverage and NFL draft coverage with our analysis of the NFC South along with much, much more.  Until next time, on behalf of my co-hosts, the Birdman, the Don of Sports, Rashan the Don, this is Kellie Kellz saying thanks for joining us!

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