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OTLR Recap: May 29th 2016


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The Sunday before Memorial day marked another crazy edition of OTLR.  My regular co-hosts were out to start the show so I was at the helm this week.  I made this a special call in show, just because I’m Kellie Kellz and I have that kind of power.  You can listen to OTLR from the media player on this page or read on to see what you missed.

I started the show with a shout out to my Cleveland Cavaliers, winners of the Eastern Conference in the NBA.  I called out to my listeners inviting them to call in.

My first caller was Craig House, a member of the MLB department.  Craig is a very talented writer, as well as covering the MLB he also covers the PGA.  Craig started by talking about a recent interview he conducted with Ted Bishop, former president of the PGA and recent author of the book Unfriended.  Interesting aside, Bishop had a friendship with presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

We went into discussing Craig’s favorite sports topic which is Major League baseball.  As a Chicago Cubs fan, Craig’s view on this season may seem a little biased, but hey, bias is kinda my thing, so I’m not even mad.

My second caller was another member of the MLB department, Mr. Austin Hutchinson.  The bias continues as Austin is also a Cubs fan.  We discuss pitcher Jake Arietta and what an amazing season he’s having so far, and Craig is happily surprised at how great his team is doing so far for the season. Boston Red Sox fan that I am, I needed to give a quick shout out to my former number one pitcher Jonathan Papelbon.

We went into a topic that Austin was getting ready to write an article about, the greatest baseball player of all time with a bit of a debate.  In the end, we all agree the greatest of all time is former member of my Boston Red Sox, Ted Williams.  I find this fitting considering this was the Memorial day edition of OTLR and Ted Williams in the prime of his life and career was a veteran of not one, but two wars.

Craig brings up an interesting point that out of all the sports that baseball is the hardest to pinpoint the greatest of all time.  In today’s world of instant on demand video, we forget that years ago there was very little coverage of the baseball season outside of print media.  This goes into discussing a debate brought up by Austin about what a player brings to his team versus off-season success.  Craig states that in baseball one player can’t carry his team such as one player in the NBA.  We discuss football versus this theory which brings up the importance of the quarterback position.

I asked the guys who they thought were the favorites early in the season to take the World Series and surprise they both agree on the Cubs.  This may sound bias but both Austin and Craig brought up some great arguments for this stance.

On a personal level, I can’t get into the excitement of baseball the same way I can with football or basketball, so I asked the guys what the MLB can do to make the sport more interesting and entice new fans to watch.  Craig starts the topic off and brings up a great point.  He states that baseball is imperfect, with the stats a player can fail over half the time and still be considered a Hall of Fame player.  Craig believes that the league need to be reaching out to the youth of America.  In baseball with as many teams as they have and with all the minor leagues from AAA to A teams means that more kids have the opportunity to play the sport professionally.  Baseball gives the most chances for a child to live out their dream of being a professional athlete.

Austin brings up the point of this generation and the lowering of attention spans.  Austin also quotes an article he wrote on baseball which is extremely poetic, you need to listen to him read it on the air, typing it doesn’t capture the tone and passion.

We break into NBA playoffs talk.  Austin and I have a rare moment of agreement since we are both Cavs fans making him the good guest.  Craig decides to be contrary and back the Golden State Warriors due to Stephen Curry, but he’s a good guy so I guess I can forgive him.  We talk a bit about Golden State going against the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Austin believes that Steph Curry is tired after their amazing season and isn’t going to have enough gas in the tank to finish off the season with the ultimate victory.  He claims Steph Curry is taking too many shots, sounds like my weekends.

We had a great call in from Bryce in Brooklyn.  Bryce jumps into our NBA discussion bringing in some great comparisons to other players.  I thought I was going to need to exercise my mute power after our caller questioned the toughness of Kevin Love against Draymond Green.  No one says anything unkind about Kevin my one and only Love.  I let Bryce keep talking because he was a great caller, Cavaliers party foul aside even if we disagree on who will take the Finals.

Bryce blended into our NBA conversation so well, we almost missed the reason for his call in.  Bryce contacted us to gain our opinion of the draft of his NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Austin stated he was jealous his Chicago Bears didn’t get as good a first round pick up as cornerback Artie Burns, and claims he’ll be able to help the team out in his rookie season.  We mentioned second round pick, safety Sean Davis.

I brought up that these two picks were a departure from the classic Steel Curtain Pittsburgh Steelers and that the versatility on the secondary will be interesting to watch as off-season training moves on.  I bring up the upcoming Battle of Pennsylvania as my Philadelphia Eagles will be taking on the Steelers this season.  I must make a correction, I stated this match up will be week 4, but I misspoke and it is week 3.  I’m human, who knew?

Craig brings up the changing times of the NFL and how the secondary is more important than ever.  I bring up that I don’t feel there is a huge deep threat receiver in the Steelers division.  Bryce is happy with the draft stating that the secondary is why they lost to the Denver Broncos and I wish his team well this upcoming season, until we face each other.

With the move to NFL talk, we started in with a little Deflate-gate talk.  General consensus?  We’re sick of it.  I bring up that this has become less an issue of deflated footballs and with the new appeals that can be filed with the second circuit court and ultimately the Supreme Court, that this has become an issue of labor versus management.  With the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, Roger Goodell is going against the punishments agreed to on paper for equipment tampering.

Our next caller joined in, Mr. Reginald “Wood” Woodson a talented member of the crew.  Wood wanted to talk some NBA.  Wood wants to root for the OKC Thunder due to being a fan of Kevin Durant, who is a Washington Redskins fan just like he is.

I never give up a chance to talk rivalry with my friends so I jumped on Wood for coming out of the Redskin closet, asking how he liked the squad’s chances with Kirk Cousins this season.  He was a Robert Griffin III fan and brought up that Lebron James didn’t have the same love for RG3 the way there was after drafting Johnny Football Manziel.  The big takeaway is that the division is very up in the air and of course he called my Eagles out as the weakest team, but I guess I asked for that.

I ask Wood his opinion on Tom Brady and he summed it up beautifully, “Aren’t we fatigued on Deflate-Gate?  I just want to watch football and watch dudes hit each other.”

Another caller joined us, my friend and Eagles fan Ralph Uriarte Jr.  I stirred the pot by bringing up the football rivalry between Ralph and Wood.  This devolved into a discussion about the political correctness of the name Redskins.  Both sides of the argument bring up some great points.  This was a downright civilized debate for such an explosive issue with rivals on the line.

Knowing that Wood is an NBA fan, I switch us to discussing the NBA draft.  Ralph informs us that he is a fan of the LA Lakers.  He states that both the Lakers and the Philadelphia 76ers are in great shape to rebuild their teams with the number one and number two picks.  As a fan of the Lakers he didn’t have an opinion between Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram because he realized that his team will get whoever is passed on with the first pick.

Wood thinks the Lakers are in a great positions because he thinks both the top guys are great and it negates the pressure on the talent scouts.  Wood also agrees with me that Ingram is the slightly better player of the two.

Before letting Ralph get back to his Memorial Day festivities, I asked if there was anything he’d like to bring up.  As a true Eagles fan, he brings up Carson Wentz versus Sam Bradford.  Ralph makes the bold prediction that Bradford is going to go down with an injury during a divisional game and Carson Wentz will come in and win the game.  In winning this game, Wentz will earn the love and respect of the city and start the rest of the season.

In the last half hour, Rashan the Don was able to join us.  I brought up the rumors of the Sixers trading for another top pick in the draft.  Rashan brought up Jahlil Okafor possibly being traded to the Boston Celtics.  Okafor has always wanted to be a Laker, which is another rumor floating around.  Rashan is a fan of this plan, thinking that the Sixers have one too many bigs and either Okafor or Nerlens Noel needs to go.  Okafor seems the best choice because he will bring them the most out of the trade.

Wood contrasted this opinion stating that the Sixers should keep Okafor due to the unknown factor of Joel Embiid.  Rashan and Wood had some great debate on the topic.

We then went into the boxing world discussing the rumors of a Floyd Money Mayweather verses Conor McGregor fight.  Rashan and I both agree that the fight is media hype and is not likely to happen due to many reasons.  Wood disagreed saying he was writing a piece for on the subject and thinks the fight will happen.

As always this was a show full of fun and I want to thank all my special guests for joining us, and thank you to all our faithful listeners.  If you missed OTLR you can listen from the media player at the top.  Please be sure to subscribe to Outside Tha Locker Room brought to you by sports radio on Blog Talk Radio, Tune In, or Stitcher.  You can catch OTLR live every Sunday from 5-7 or listen on demand.