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Pabst Blue Ribbon Calls Out John Cena

PBR responds to WWE Lead Story Photo taken from PBR’s Twitter post.


Pabst Blue Ribbon Calls Out John Cena

Looks as if the WWE, and their top star John Cena have a new potential opponent to look out for, and no, this is not a storyline, nor a gimmick. The WWE has apparently stolen the copy-written imagery of the beer brand Pabst Blue Ribbon when creating the newest line of John Cena memorabilia, which shows a drawn image of Cena inside the iconic blue ribbon, with the words “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” in the same font as on the logo.

The shirt, and accompanying wristbands, headbands, towels, dog tags and caps are all in red, white and blue, which is believed to be in anticipation of Cena’s return to the company on Memorial Day this coming Monday Night Raw. The WWE drew the ire of PBR when WWE Shop posted this image on their twitter account Thursday:

Pabst-inspired Cena Merch

Pabst would respond later that afternoon, with a tweet of their own, threatening the WWE and Cena with legal action for taking PBR’s imagery without their consent:

PBR responds to WWE

There has been no word as of yet whether the WWE is going to pull their new Cena shirts from shelves or off of their website, but, it appears that they haven’t budged on the matter as of yet.

Stay with us, as we will bring you more on this story as we get the details.

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Lead Story Photo taken from PBR’s Twitter post.

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