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Paige Considers MMA Career?

WWE Superstar, Paige Anton


Paige Considers MMA Career?

WWE Superstar Paige has suggested that she is considering making a jump from the sports-entertainment world to the rough and rugged terrain of the octagon, according to a report from TMZ.


TMZ Sports caught up with the former Divas’ Champion, as she was out and about with her boyfriend Alberto (El Patron) Del Rio, who is currently running the quickly rising Combate Americas MMA League. Now, it is possible that Del Rio’s past run in MMA may or may not have inspired the “Anti-Diva” to consider the jump, but, he did say she had a real chance to get in the cage.

Now, consider the fact that at the moment, her boyfriend is no longer with the company, she is still under the employ of the WWE, which, when she is booked for shows, would make their time together limited; it may have also contributed to a consideration in making the jump, as she has recently been training to fight in the octagon.

Paige may make the jump, according to her, “when my time with the WWE comes to an end.” For her fans, this may come as a huge surprise, but one that may be a delightful one.

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