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Pelican’s Bryce Dejean-Jones Dead

Dejean-Jones Photo by Justin Rocke via Flickr


Today, very upsetting news came out of Dallas, Texas. New Orleans Pelican‘s guard, Bryce Dejean-Jones, was found shot dead right next to a broken down apartment door, reports said.

Scott Nichols, Dejean-Jones’ agent, said his former client died to a gunshot directly to his abdomen.

Reportedly, Dallas police officers were first respondents to a shooting call at a Dallas apartment around 3 AM Saturday. The man sleeping in the apartment said a man had kicked open his locked front entrance, in which the startled resident called out to Jones.

The man kicked in the bedroom door, consequently causing the resident to shoot Dejean-Jones. Jones was taken to the hospital, and died this afternoon.

An un-drafted rookie, Bryce had just signed his first long-term deal with the Pelican‘s this past February, 3 years and $2,059,265 to be exact (per Spotrac)

His stats from last year were 5.6 points per game and 3.4 rebounds per game.

RIP Bryce Dejean Jones