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Phoenix Suns To Host Games In Mexico City

Phoenix Suns Arena Ciudad de México via Flickr


As a part of the NBA’s plan to expand their global reach, they are reported to have scheduled two games where the Phoenix Suns will play the Dallas Mavericks and the San Antonio Spurs in Mexico City. These games will serve as home games for the Phoenix Suns which does carry some implications but is an important part of the NBA Global Games effort. No other country outside of the United States and Canada has hosted more games than Mexico. They currently hold the record at 23 events.

During the previous season, the NBA held a well-received matchup between the Kings and the Celtics at the Mexico City Arena. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been open about his intentions behind the games. In 2015, when the Celtics-Kings game was announced, he delivered this quote about the increasing influence in other countries:

“Basketball is more popular than ever, and Global Games Mexico 2015 is part of our ongoing dedication to growing the game around the world. We are thrilled to bring the authentic NBA experience to our fans in Mexico once again, and to have another extraordinary opportunity for our teams and players to experience the country’s warm hospitality and traditions.”

No word has been given to whether or not there will be games held in other locations but it wouldn’t be a first for the League. Previous games have been held in Beijing and London so the possibility of other host cities participating in the NBA Global Games is very likely. The NBA is clearly trying its hardest to maximize its popularity in relatively untapped markets.

These games also serve to test the cities themselves. While games in places that rarely see one are expected to sell out, they serve as barometers to see if a city could actually handle and accommodate a team. Rumors have been passed around about the League’s interest in expanding out of their current territory and if that were to ever happen, places that have previously hosted games would be favored.