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Player Interview: Punter Matt Haack

Interview Rob Schumacher/AZ Sports via Flickr


TSJ101 Exclusive Interview: Punter Matt Haack

TSJ Sports had the opportunity to interview Arizona State University punter Matt Haack ahead of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Arizona State University

During his time at ASU, Haack averaged 43 yards per punt, landing him fourth all time at ASU. Haack was also a semifinalst for the William V. Campbell trophy (recognizes the top scholar-athlete in the nation) and allowed touchbacks in only 4.8% of his punts. Matt was also 2nd team PAC-12 behind only 2016’s Ray Guy winner.

Interview with Matt Haack

A lot of punters and kickers have a background in soccer, is that something that rings true with you?

I never played competitive soccer in my life actually. I played a little when I was younger but growing up I played a lot more basketball, baseball, and football.

What has been the most difficult thing to prepare for in this process?

The most difficult thing for me is the unknown. This process is new to me so I focused on not over thinking it. I know that my future is in my own hands and that I have to go out and show my best everyday. Keeping the process simple is the main thing I have focused on.

If you had to pitch yourself to a GM what would you say?

I would say that I am very passionate about getting better and love the game of football especially when it comes to punting. I would say that pay attention to detail and am coachable and understand that I can always get better at something. I would also say that I love to compete, it’s in my blood because of sports.

What is something about your game that you really hang your hat on?

I hang my hat on athleticism and a strong leg. I can use my athleticism to create an opportunity out of a bad situation.

What are some other positions you played in your career and what was your favorite?

I played wide receiver in high school and loved it. Once punting became a real option for me I did not give up on playing wide receiver but began to focus and appreciate punting a lot more the more I got older.

What were some of your other choices of college before choosing ASU?

I had scholarships to punt at ASU and Iowa State and when it came down to making a decision I knew ASU was the place for me.

 What teams have reached out to you? (general answer here, number of team, no specifics)

 I have had quite a few workouts with teams. Zane Gonzalez and I have done pretty much every workout together so teams can see both of us at the same time. I would say there are about 10 or so teams that has reached out to me or has worked me out.

What are some things you’ve been focusing on in preparation for this process?

 Football wise I have really focused on my drop and directional punting. In the NFL it is crucial to be consistent and be able to place the ball where you need. I focused on showing teams that I can do this when called upon. I have also focused on staying in shape physically and mentally. Kicking, lifting weights, running, and staying mentally focused on the process.

What is your greatest memory from football to date?

 My greatest memory from football is being a Sun Devil. This program has done a lot for me and I am proud to say that I learned a lot and became a better man from playing football here.

Would you consider yourself to have more power or precision?

I would like to say that I have both but most people know me for the strong leg and leg speed. I have worked a ton on directional punting and trying to master my craft to be the best and most well rounded punter I can be.